Star Wars Minute 16: A Year in the Sand

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June 24th, 2013.


Minute 16 of Star Wars: Dewbacks, Sandtroopers, and Pete the Jawa. Sandtroopers search lifepod landing area, Sandcrawler travels through desert and Jawas setup shop.


Tricia Allen



  • Starts with a shot of the Sandcrawler going on its merry way and finishes with the Jawas picking out which droids from the Sandcrawler to offer for sale.
  • Long shots of the Sandcrawler.
  • "Look sir, droids" line heard as the Dewbacks and Stormtroopers are shown on Tatooine's surface.


  • Droids are our heroes at this point, specifically R2-D2. 16 minutes in and a) the main protagonist hasn't appeared yet and b) any humans that we have met are either evil or 'gone'.
  • If R2-D2 is our hero then he is treated very badly. C-3PO has already been physically abusive to R2-D2 a couple of times and also body-shames him - which probably doesn't make people like C-3PO. Although R2-D2 does get his licks on C-3PO as well - they just don't get translated.
  • Dewbacks: How are they trained, where are they from and what were they doing?
  • Alex briefly mentions Sandtroopers instead of Stormtroopers.
  • Dewbacks are preferable to Imperial Troop Transporters on Tatooine given the terrain.
  • Dewback dressage.
  • Why no Scoutwalkers for the Stormtroopers given that the Empire is technology heavy?
  • Is Commander Praji, the Imperial Officer that Vader told to "see to it personally", on Tatooine dressed in Stormtrooper armor and with the troops in this sequence?
  • A tour of duty on Tatooine being known as "In the sand" by Stormtroopers.
  • A protocol droid head and torso are visible in the background on the Sandcrawler. Protocol droids seem to get separated into their parts quite often.
  • The 'onion ring' thing that is held up on the Sandcrawler.

Meta Minute

  • 12:15 podcast episode length.
  • Awkward introduction of Tricia.
  • Toy: Patrol Dewback.
  • Film making: Sandcrawler model effect shots, camera wipes and 1970s film pacing.
  • 'Talking scenes' were Alex's least favorite as a kid and are his most favorite as an adult. Pete has always loved the Imperial Officers.


  • Tricia: And then they zap him and throw him into this pirate ship.


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