Star Wars Minute 1: A Period of Civil War

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June 3rd, 2013 (debut episode).


Minute 1 of Star Wars.





  • The 20th Century Fox Fanfare through the first paragraph of the opening crawl.
    • The one and only use of the word spaceships in the movie (in the opening crawl).


  • Using the original version of the film for this podcast.
  • Special Editions and prequels mentioned. Pete is a recognized purist and, if it was up to him, Star Wars would only be this movie and none of the sequels, Special Editions or prequels. This leads Alex to saying a general sorry - not necessarily to Pete at this stage - for mentioning the Special Editions. (Note - this apology morphs over later episodes to the Sorry Pete running joke.)
  • Doing all three of the first sequel movies is discussed.*Jedi Rocks.
  • Pete's and Alex's first viewings of Star Wars and watching movies in the 1970s.
  • The moment of hushed silence in the theater just before the logo and opening fanfare plays.
  • The Star Wars civil war.
  • The meaning of the opening crawl and what it all means, especially to kids.
  • No reference to Earth in these movies.

Meta Minute

  • 11:04 podcast episode length.
  • Basic layout of the podcast provided.
  • The original Skype call—the raw audio that became this episode—was aired in its entirety on SWM:WE.


  • Alex: I wrote down a couple of things: "It's a period of civil war." Pete: Oh, we're not there yet. Alex: Oh. I'm sorry.
  • Alex: BAM!
  • Pete: C'mon, we're not going to hang out on the weekends talking about Star Wars.


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