Star Wars Minute 22: Warn Uncle

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July 2nd, 2013.


Luke watches the message projected by R2-D2.


Anthony Dalto



  • Luke is startled and fascinated by the message.
  • There is a real city in Tunisia called Tataouine. George Lucas used this as the inspiration for the name of the planet Tatooine.


  • Luke thinks Leia is beautiful; he should just try to hook up with her. Maybe Luke's view reflects the fact that there are not many girls on Tatooine.
  • C-3PO doesn't know or remember who Leia or Obi-Wan Kenobi are:
    • In regards to Leia, this means that a) he's programmed to be dumb about Leia, b) he honestly doesn't know or c) his memory has recently been erased.
    • In regards to Obi-Wan, C-3PO's memory was definitely erased at the end of episode 3 ("Sorry Pete").
  • What was C-3PO about to say when Luke cut him off? "Our Captain was attached to..." Attached to what? Darth Vader's hand?

Meta Minute

  • 12:45 podcast episode length.
  • Pete brings up old drafts of the screenplay / script in which:
    • Tatooine was originally called Utapau (a name later used for a planet elsewhere in the Star Wars Universe).
    • There was a holographic message to Luke (surname Starkiller at this point) from his brother Deak. Pete reads the text of the message (note - and it is brilliant!). Much of the text of the message forms the basis of Star Wars lore / EU now.
  • George Lucas re-uses names in Star Wars between script versions all the time - people, places etc.
  • Leia mentions Dantooine in a later minute and this confused Alex as a kid. Did she mean Tatooine?
    • This will be discussed again later in minute 57 of Star Wars
  • Theories from the late 1990s / early 2000s - Obi-Wan (or OB1) as a clone of Ben Kenobi or Uncle Owen. Or as Uncle Owen's brother.
  • Anthony discusses his early experience with Star Wars:
    • According to his sister (he doesn't remember, but he believes her) he saw it for the first time in a theater in Pine Springs in the Catskills.
    • Apparently he sat on his cousin's lap and was 4 years old.
    • It was in 1978 and was when the movie came back into theaters a year after its original release.
    • He later had a bootleg copy of the movie in 1979-1980 and watched it a million times.
    • Anthony definitely remembers seeing ESB and ROTJ in the theater.
  • Pete discloses that he doesn't remember seeing ESB in the theater.


  • Anthony: And this is Anthony and I have no podcast.
  • Alex: After listening to an earlier draft of the script "Eugh! Is that what Star Wars sounds like to other people?" Pete: "I think so." Alex: "Alright, then this is clearly the last episode of the podcast."
  • Anthony: Maybe your memory was erased.


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