Star Wars Minute 23: Restraining Bolts

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July 3rd, 2013.


Minute 23: R2-D2's restraining bolt comes off, with unexpected results.


Anthony Dalto



  • Starts at the tail-end of the "Help me Obi-Wan message" and ends with Luke going to dinner.
  • More speculation about who Leia's / R2-D2's message is for.


  • More whiny Luke.
  • "...lives out beyond the Dune Sea" sounds very poetic and mystical.
  • More Dune references in this minute.
    • Maybe Tatooine is the planet Arrakis
  • Moisture Farm material to be discussed in SWM 25.
  • Are restraining bolts and the control system included in the purchase price of used droids? Also, how do they actually work and who's in control of them? Perhaps they get paired, similar to Bluetooth devices. Also, shouldn't droids have built-in restraining bolts and why can't R2-D2 remove his own bolt?
  • Referenced: San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Why didn't Luke put the restraining bolt back on R2-D2?
  • The design of C-3PO is on clear display in this minute and it is excellent work.
  • The untold story of C-3PO's one silver leg.
  • C-3PO once again hits R2-D2 and R2 sounds very hollow.
  • Ben as a 'strange old hermit' and a 'crazy old wizard'.

Meta Minute

  • 12:14 podcast episode length.
  • A general discussion regarding how technology progresses, or doesn't, in the Star Wars 'universe' - and differences between Rebellion and Empire tech.
  • Reminder about the 8-DAY-GREEDO hotline.


  • Anthony: And my name is Anthony...from the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast.
  • Pete: When C-PO... When 3-CPO...
  • Alex: You never call!


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