Star Wars Minute 28: The Tusken Raider Brothers

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July 10th, 2013.


Minute 28: C-3PO and Luke go looking for R2-D2.


Josh Flanagan



  • The existence of the nether-world in the Star Wars 'universe' is confirmed by Uncle Owen.
  • The first time we see the Landspeeder and the various ground effects used with it in the movie.
  • In the movie, Banthas are played by 'dressed' elephants.


  • Treadwell and what he's designed for.
  • The last time we see Uncle Owen alive (complete with his bathrobe and a curse).
  • Aunt Beru using the juicer.
  • The Landspeeder being a cool toy.
  • Cut scene of Luke and C-3PO travelling in the Landspeeder with rear projection (looks terrible).
  • Is C-3PO driving the Landspeeder? Why would Luke want to be a passenger in his own vehicle? Perhaps droids fly everything for Luke and he never gets his driver's / pilot's license.
  • How many droid's are roaming around the Tatooine desert?
  • Tusken Raiders showing surprising restraint by not shooting at the Landspeeder.
  • First view of the Banthas, plus their appearance in Alex's book.
  • The way Tusken Raiders get on and off their Banthas.
  • What are Tusken Raiders and how are they linked to Jawas?
  • Acknowledgement of humans as droid slave masters. Referenced: "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Meta Minute

  • 15:42 podcast episode length.
  • More droid sound impersonations in this episode.


  • Josh: In relation to cutting the Landspeeder rear projection scene "Its odd that at one time they <the Star Wars movie makers> had the ability to distinguish between something that looked good and bad."
  • Josh: In relation to Tusken Raiders "...if you unwrap them would they just be humans...?"
  • Josh: On Jawas growing and turning into Sand People and their voices changing as a result "They go from EH (high pitched noise) to RA (low pitched noise)!" <Josh links these noises to an actual scene in the movie.>


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