Star Wars Minute 29: The Fall of C-3PO

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July 11th, 2013.


Minute 29: After finding R2-D2, Luke and C-3PO are surprised by some Tusken Raiders.


Josh Flanagan



  • Luke is completely 'reckless, cavalier and stupid' in the desert on Tatooine throughout this minute.
  • C-3PO conjures the image of Luke blasting R2-D2 into a million pieces for running away.
  • The Tusken Raider scaring Luke is one of the few scary / startling moments in all of the Star Wars movies.
  • The Tusken Raider attack includes a 'looped film' effect.


  • Why hasn't Luke explored the close surrounds of his house before? And why doesn't he know more about the Sand people and their habits?
  • The Tusken Raiders do absolutely no damage to Luke and then lay him down gently. Are they just misunderstood?
  • Gaffi Sticks - what they are and what they're used for. It doesn't seem like an appropriate weapon for hitting / whacking.
  • Alex and his brother having, and playing with, Sand people toys when they were kids.
  • C-3PO's fall, the strange sound he makes while falling, the general humour of his 'trust fall' off the ledge and the amount of damage that he sustains in the fall.
  • Anthony Daniel's suffering as C-3PO while making the movie.
  • Ways that C-3PO's fall could have been made even longer and more humorous (sound effects, cut away shots etc.).

Meta Minute

  • There appears to be a misunderstanding between Alex and Josh in this episode (at the 7:57 mark). Josh says how good the design of the Tusken Raiders <quote> is, even though the various parts are very simple, and Alex then says he disagrees and thinks the design of the Tusken Raiders <quote> is cool. Josh tries to clarify that they are in agreement but Alex cuts him off. Various comments during the episode indicate that Alex may have understood what Josh was saying but it's not crystal clear.


  • Alex: We're up to Minute 29; cross it off your checklist. Pete: I love the idea that someone is sitting there with a checklist that has 125 boxes on it and, are like, ok 29 <check>.
  • Josh: He does have a giant weapon though. Alex: And a gun too!
  • Alex: If you've accidentally tuned into this podcast Pete: Yeah, if a nerd just left the room and you walked into it.
  • Alex: That's the beauty of the internet. What thirty years ago would have got us mocked and made fun of, now we broadcast over the internet where people all over the world can listen to it.


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