Star Wars Minute 33: Ben's House

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That sweet beachfront property must have cost an arm and two legs!


July 17th, 2013.


Minute 33: Ben takes Luke home and tells him about his father.


Gaz Gretsky



  • A lot of the conversation in this minute is built on in the Prequels (e.g. Jedi knights, space freighters, the Clone Wars).
  • Ben's comments in this minute about Uncle Owen wanting Luke's father to stay on the farm and not get involved do not align with what actually happens in the Prequels.


  • Lots of good 'Star Wars' stuff in this minute.
  • Ben appears to be telling Luke rehearsed lies (at best) about his father.
  • From Pete: Ben's house in the movie is an actual house in the real world. It's like a small shed off the side of a Mosque and actually faces The Mediterranean right on the beach.
  • Did Ben buy his house, or maybe use The Force to make it out of stone?
  • Is The Force like the Green Lantern ring, or telekinesis?
  • If Ben didn't make his house then where did it come from?
  • Maybe the Force doesn't actually exist and is just a powerful state of mind.
  • Does Ben have a job / money etc.? What does he eat?
  • Highlights of this minute include a torso camera wipe as C-3PO stands up, and the physicality of Anthony Daniels' acting (which is always good - e.g. little head moves).
  • Alex wonders if Anthony Daniels is actually in the C-3PO suit at the beginning of this minute - i.e. still in the desert - or if Mark Hamill is controlling the head with a rod off camera. This theory is generally discounted by Gaz (and Pete and Alex ultimately agree with Gaz).
  • The idea of The Clone Wars in this minute sounds better than having it explained at length in newer movies and series.
  • Jedis, Jedi knights and how well known they are throughout the 'Star Wars' universe.
  • Gaz explains how he interpreted Ben and Luke's father's relationship as a child.
  • Did George Lucas know, at this point, that Darth Vader is Luke's father?
  • Ben's house, how it looks and how everything works. Also, what is the panel on the wall for? Is it a 'Star Wars universe version of Big Mouth Billy Bass' or a telephone?
  • Biff from 'Back to the Future' and Cantina Band references.
  • Ben seems to know a lot about Luke in this minute and Luke seems to take it quite well. Wouldn't he be surprised?
  • General conclusion from this minute - Luke is really easy going and doesn't really understand what is going on a lot of the time.
  • The decoration on the box that holds the Lightsaber looks like a sword. Is the box therefore Ben's sword box?
  • Referenced: From Dune - "...navigator on a spice freighter".

Meta Minute


  • Gaz: And it's me Gaz from Old Man Hair Warehouse.
  • Alex: And it ends with Obi-Wan Kenobi in his house and he's getting Luke's Lightsaber out. Gaz: Wait, what?
  • Gaz: To Pete "So telepathy to you is less mystical than telekinesis and that's why you choose to believe that?" Pete: <long pause> "Yes" Gaz: "Ok. You're a complicated man, Sir."
  • Alex: To Pete "So you're saying in the end when he uses The Force to blow-up the Death Star that was more about sort of..." Gaz: "Convincing the Death Star to blow-up!"
  • Alex: Maybe it's like a telephone or something. Maybe...he calls Yoda. Gaz: He's a hermit; he's not calling anybody.


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