Star Wars Minute 38: Modest Hairstyles

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Minute 38: Modest Hairstyles.


Damon Ciarelli



  • We get to know Grand Moff Tarkin a little better.
  • The Imperial Senate (also referred to as The Council) has been dissolved.
  • Darth Vader appears to be Grand Moff Tarkin's body-guard or right hand man.
  • It is suggested that the Rebels might exploit a weak point in The Death Star.
  • The Emperor is mentioned, as is The Force.


  • 17:41 podcast episode length.

Topics discussed:

  • Grand Moff Tarkin as a great character.
  • Peter Cushing as the second 'big' actor in Star Wars (after Alec Guiness). They bring gravitas to the movie.
  • The Imperial Senate in the prequels.
  • How corrupt did the Senate really get?
  • Movie plot links to events that occurred in the World Wars.
  • George Lucas' personal political philosophy.
  • Admiral Motti's excessive pride over The Death Star - "The ultimate power in THE UNIVERSE!".
  • A common sci-fi trope "The best in the galaxy, universe etc".
  • Background Imperial officers in this scene (eg Wullf Yularen, Chief Bast).
  • Modest or restrained hairstyles and facial hair in this scene and the movie in general (especially for 1970s sci-fi).
  • No chair for Darth Vader around the conference table. Given this, what exactly is Vader's place in the hierarchy?
  • Not showing The Emperor in the movie.
  • Vader's strong belief in The Force (similar to Ben's).
  • The concept of doing a podcast about each minute of only the talking scenes in Star Wars.


To be added.


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