Star Wars Minute 39: Choking the Admiral

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"To Gibson's.

If only the steaks on the Death Star were that good."


July 25th, 2013.


Vader demonstrates the power of the Force.


Damon Ciarelli



  • Vader demonstrates the power of The Force by partially choking Admiral Motti.
  • The scene ends with a return to Tatooine.


  • Darth Vader choking a guy (which is Vader's M.O.).
  • Motti being a jerk ("ancient religion", "sorcerer's ways" etc.) and messing with the wrong person.
  • Vader displaying his power (choking) in front of everyone.
  • Kurosawa / Hidden Fortress reference in this scene.
  • Practising the choking scene (Motti is the first to be choked and therefore set the standard for all the others).
  • Vader only choking Admirals and Captains.
  • Tarkin's non-plussed about Vader choking Motti; he lets Motti dangle (so to speak).
  • Alex seeing a framed signed photo of the actor that played Admiral Motti at a restaurant. It was signed "The steaks at <restaurant> are better than on the Death Star."
  • The 'pens' in Imperial Officer's pockets.
  • Apparently the actor playing Admiral Motti is wearing a different costume to what was first planned as the original costume didn't fit him. This contributes to the confusion around everyone's roles and responsibilities in the Empire.
  • Gaffi sticks, Bantha tracks, and The Star Was Fan Club newsletter (called "Bantha Tracks").
  • How the Stormtroopers knew to copy the Sand people's tactics.
  • In this movie Darth Vader is very dull and "unshining", his eyes are different, and his cape is over his armour (it's partially under his armour in later movies).

Meta Minute


  • Damon: And I'm Damon sitting here ready to do minute number 39.
  • Damon: Vader probably chokes someone, like, every third meeting or so.


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