Star Wars Minute 41: Death and Torture

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July 29th, 2013.


Luke returns home to a grisly scene and Leia gets interrogated.


Mars Wong



  • Grisly close-up in this minute.
  • TIE fighters and Death Star corridors debut in this minute.


  • Torturebot.
  • Nature of the attack on the homestead.
  • The 'Ben attack' conspiracy theory and how the attack went down.
  • Ben and Uncle Owen not liking each other.
  • The fate of Treadwell.
  • Does Luke feel survivor's guilt following the attack? Mars thinks he feels rage and it slowly builds inside him.
  • Mark Hamill's windblown and high hair line (mentioned by Pete).
  • Luke's general reaction and feelings in this scene; there seems to be a lot going on.
  • The different camera wipes used in these sequences and if they mean anything.
  • TIE fighters.
  • Star Wars toys and how people approached collecting them (sorry everyone!).
  • Growing up with Star Wars and how different people discovered it.
  • A preferable viewing order of the movies - 4 5 1 2 3 6.
  • The prequels and related matters.
  • Corridors (mentioned by Pete).
  • The guys walking with Darth Vader (alternately known as Death Squad Commanders, Death Star Commanders, Star Destroyer Commanders) and what their purpose is. Escorts for Vader?
  • Vader has to duck to enter the cell. Design fault? Admiral Motti trying to annoy Vader by making the ceilings and doors just a little bit too small? The Death Star being a scale model for the real Death Star (Death Star II in ROTJ)?

Meta Minute

  • 22:03 podcast episode length.
  • Mars is the youngest guest on the podcast up until this point.
  • Referenced: The parody called Troops based on the TV show Cops. This is one of the first Star Wars fan films.


  • Mars: And I am Mars Wong from Lower Manhattan.
  • Alex: We're getting kind of off our charter here.
  • Alex: C'mon you guys we've got a job to do here.


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