Star Wars Minute 42: Jawa Bodies

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July 30th, 2013.


Leia is threatened by a torture ball, while Ben and C-3PO burn Jawas.


Mars Wong



  • The weird floating torture ball droid enters the cell that Leia is being held in.
  • Luke returns to Ben and the droids.


  • Cold open "Life, The Universe and Everything" from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • The torture droid has a dent in it. What was the cause of the dent?
  • Alex thinks the torture droid (a floating gumball machine with one needle) is the first stumble of the movie. Also, wouldn't it have been easier just to get one of the Imperial Officers to use the needle on Leia?
  • How the torture droid works (including the mind probe aspect).
  • Hypodermic needles not being very sci-fi.
  • The sequence shot from outside the cell (behind Vader) as the door closes and an Imperial Officer walks away is terrifying, especially for kids.
  • At one point Vader looks from Leia, to the needle, and then back to Leia like "yeah, that's right!". Mars thinks this is a funny sequence.
  • Burning Jawa bodies. Bodies or just cloaks? Are all Jawas Jedis? Jawa force ghosts. So many questions...
  • Is burning bodies a Jedi thing?
  • From Alex - Are there even any Jawas? If Ben concocted this whole thing on Tatooine (as per the conspiracy theory - see earlier podcast episodes) maybe he was just "throwing" empty robes around the whole time. Wouldn't C-3PO have noticed?
  • What's R2-D2 doing in this scene? Waiting to use his fire extinguisher, toasting marshmallows?
  • When Luke returns and is upset, Ben says "there's nothing that you could have done". How does Ben know what happened? Does this reinforce the conspiracy theory that Ben was behind the whole thing?
  • How does C-3PO pick up Jawas? And the fact that he just throws them onto the fire.
  • The weight of a Jawa and a range of questions about the fire.
  • What-if scenario from Alex. If R2-D2's plan hadn't worked and Luke hadn't removed R2-D2's restraining bolt thereby allowing him to escape, chances are that Luke still wouldn't have been at home when the Stormtroopers attacked as he would have been out working on the moisture evaporators with the droids. In this scenario, would the Stormtroopers have found him? If so, how?
  • Other evidence in this minute that supports the Ben conspiracy theory.

Meta Minute

  • 12:57 podcast episode length.
  • Note - There is an exchange at 9:50 between Pete and Alex regarding lifting Jawas and equating this to humans that is very funny. Not documented here due to the content, but listen out for Alex's response to Pete's point (that Mars talks over unfortunately). Classic Star Wars Minute banter.
  • The torture droid is a IT-O Interrogation Unit. The mind probe is part of its standard armament.


  • Pete: It's our podcast where we hyperanalyze, super-discussionize and micro, err, ssssss, I don't, somethingize each and every individual minute of Star Wars.
  • Alex: (as Imperial Officer) "The torture ball droid isn't working!" (as Vader) "I know, send in the mind probe. Why didn't we start with the mind probe?!"
  • Pete: In regards to R2-D2 toasting marshmallows over the fire "Although then you get that weird Jawa flavour on them." Mars: "Weird? You mean delicious! Hmph."
  • Alex: Who do you think started that fire? Is that the work of R2? Pete: I think it was Billy Joel. Mars: What?! Pete: No, he DIDN'T start the fire. Alex: Oh, ok.


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