Star Wars Minute 48: The Millennium Falcon Story

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August 7th, 2013


We meet Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon.


Tony Consiglio




  • Another weird pronunciation thing: Falcon
  • Acting quality: Guinness and Ford
  • The gang offer their explanations for the astronomical inaccuracy of the dialogue
    • Parsecs are a unit of distance, not time
  • Luke's clueless reaction to the negotiations
  • What if Ben had taken the wrong teenager with him?
  • The first thing Han does after Ben says "No questions asked" is ask a question.
  • Mentioned: You'll be Dead!
  • The (in)famous Millennium Falcon story
    • Turns out those smuggling compartments were full to the brim with cockroaches

Meta Minute


  • Alex: In a hoity-toity British accent Lovey, bring up the Falcon, won't you?"
  • Pete: Fast ship? ...It ran the Indy 500 in 400!
  • Pete: I'll have a venti macchiato, and no questions. Alex: Is that for here or to go? Pete: I SAID NO QUESTIONS!
  • Alex: In reference to the visual of a Millennium Falcon swarming with roaches Somebody recreate that. Pete: Please don't.


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