Star Wars Minute 49: Under the Table

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The famous "Blue Snaggletooth"


August 8th, 2013


Ben negotiates with Han for a ride to the Alderaan system.


Tony Consiglio



  • Good view of Snaggletooth in this minute


  • The negotiations discussed in earnest
  • Alex reveals that his brother used to think that Ben and Luke hid from the stormtroopers under the table
  • Mentioned: You'll be dead!
  • Referenced: The Godfather, Glengarry Glen Ross

Meta Minute

  • Origin of the 94 running joke.
  • This is the first time Alex's brother was mentioned on the show.


  • Tony: Is it [the Blue Snaggletooth] worth 3,000 or 10,000? Alex: 10,000 now, plus 15 when you get to Sears.
  • Pete: I left you alone for a second and you're locked in mortal combat with a doctor and an architect.


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