Star Wars Minute 51: With Pleasure

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Liberace wasn't dead, he was just at Chalmun's Cantina


August 12th, 2013


Han murders Greedo, the Death Star sets sail for Alderaan, and the droids hide in a closet


Mike Dawson



  • Greedo does not shoot in this minute.
  • One of the only times you see physical currency in Star Wars.
  • Leia's resistance to the mind probe.
  • Iconic shot - contemplative Tarkin.


  • Nobody reacts when Han shoots Greedo.
    • Or rather, they look up, see it's only Greedo, and then go back to their drinks
    • Is murder that commonplace? Why do people even come to the cantina then?
  • What is an appropriate tip for cleaning up a dead body?
  • Harrison Ford's acting (is good in this scene)
  • Is the mind probe a Force thing? Or is it the torture ball?
  • Referenced: Cyclops and HavoK (his younger brother) from X-Men
  • Mike's Star Wars fan fiction

Meta Minute

  • 14:48 podcast episode length
  • The hosts clarify that 8-DAY-GREEDO should be used for calls about upcoming minutes so that calls can be played on the show.
  • Alex will bring up the possibility of Han's gun having a stun setting again in ESB minute 20. Asterios finds this unlikely.
  • The Liberace looking guy is named Yerka Mig.
  • The torture droid and the mind probe are also discussed in minute 42.


  • Pete: "That's the family friendly restaurant - all the others are much worse."
  • Alex: (As Wuher the bartender) "Finally a classy guy comes in here!"
  • Pete: (As a suddenly remorseful Solo) "Please help! My friend's been shot!"
  • Mike: "That's just so Greedo."
  • Pete: "Honey, have you seen my hand saw?" Alex: "I hear it's... quite a thing to see."
  • Pete: "Look for Liberace."


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