Star Wars Minute 52: Shady Secondhand Goods

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August 13th, 2013


Luke sells his landspeeder, pursued by the Empire's sinister agents.


Mike Dawson



  • Jabba the Hutt does not appear in this minute
    • Unless you count "Marvel Comics Jabba" who is walking through.
  • CZ-3 returns(?)
    • Still looks goofy
    • This time he is played by Anthony Daniels
  • Homeless Jawas
  • Garindan, the Empire's sinister agent


  • This episode brought to you by
  • Is Tatooine part of the Empire? Do the stormtroopers have jurisdiction to open locked doors?
  • City vs. desert Jawas
  • This scene of Threepio and Artoo in the Star Wars Radio Drama takes place in a used droid lot.
    • And the sale of the Landspeeder is gone into in more detail.
  • Long shot of Luke selling the speeder
  • Although Wookieepedia will probably tell you differently, Greedo is back from the dead the very next minute after he was killed.
  • Character/creature design plays into our anthropocentrism - good guys are human or cute, bad guys are weird-looking aliens.
  • Referenced: Yosemite Sam from Loony Toons
  • Mentioned: 94, Secret Rebel Agents

Meta Minute

  • 23:18 podcast episode length
  • The alien who buys Luke's landspeeder is named Wioslea. She is on the original SWM shirt.
  • Contrary to popular belief, goldfish have excellent memory, far exceeding three minutes[1].
  • The hosts circle back to analyze the Jabba scene from the Special Edition in SW Special Edition Minute 54: Boogie
  • The hosts request that someone keep track of the secret Rebel agents. Sounds like a job for the SWM wiki!


  • Pete: It's the part of the movie where I've been sleeping with your wife and now we have to have dinner and be all civil. It's like, 'So... uh-'" Mike: "Alex is mine! Alex belongs to me! Now that I'm here and I have a few things to say."
  • Pete: "See, who says there aren't enough women in Star Wars?"


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