Star Wars Minute 5: The Mysterious Hand

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June 7th, 2013.


Minute 5 of Star Wars: The invasion of the blockade runner continues and R2-D2 breaks away from action to move toward a mysterious figure.





  • First appearance of Darth Vader, or at least a character dressed in all-black (Darth Vader's name is not said in this minute).
  • First utterance of name "R2-D2", and therefore the first utterance of a main character's name that is on-screen at the same time (Princess Leia's name has been uttered but we haven't seen her yet).
  • A mysterious hand appears at the end of this minute.
  • The robots recklessly walk across the hallway during the battle. Was this scene intended as a joke by George Lucas?
  • Last depiction in film of non-main character Rebels fighting in a non-space battle (in the Original Trilogy).


  • Darth Vader's suit seems to gets shinier over time, although it was VERY shiny at the end of episode 3.
  • Apart from the shininess, Vader's suit does not change or develop much over the 20 years between episode 3 (ROTS) and episode 4 (SW).
  • Referenced: Iron Man (in particular his suit and the way it developed over time).
  • Darth Vader is clearly the evil bad guy; although Alex wonders what 1970's adult audiences actually thought of him.
  • First time viewer speculation: Is Darth Vader a human or a robot?
  • "Cliffhanger" at the end of the first week of the podcast.
  • C-3PO's line "Artoo Deetoo, where are you!?" and the use of this line in the Imperial Troop Transport toy.
  • The value of toys and media that could play sound clips from the thing you liked - before the age of home video.
  • Referenced: That's Hollywood (the opening montage included a Star Wars video clip - the X-wings flying down the trench on the Death Star).
  • Referenced: The Story of Star Wars.
  • What is the Rebel's strategy in this battle given that they are already captured? Create a distraction long enough for Princess Leia to escape and/or deal with the secret plans?
  • Pete and Alex outline a plan that would see the Rebels escape as follows - one rebel gets off the blockade runner, sneaks on to the Star Destroyer, deactivates the tractor beam...etc.
  • The Rebels do ultimately surrender in this battle.
    • Alex states that there needs to be a fan edit of episodes 1, 2, and 3 that condenses them all into one movie.
  • Pete had bootlegs of ESB and ROTJ on beta-max video cassette as a kid.
  • George Lucas's intentions with certain scenes will be second guessed multiple times during the SWM journey. Pete's tip is to never 'over-estimate' his intentions.

Meta Minute

  • 14:05 podcast episode length.
  • "The Mysterious Hand" is the name of Arthur's lost library book in the children's TV show "Arthur".
  • Princess Leia's hand double for this scene was Penny McCarthy.
  • Alex will bring up the opening of "That's Hollywood" again in a later minute.


  • Pete: If I'm a grumpy old man in the theater in 1977, I can be like, "What the hell? So far this film is all robots, there's one human, and he just got shot... What the hell is this movie about? I don't know."
  • Pete: In an old-timey voice "Whose mysterious hand is touching R2-D2?" Alex: Also in an old-timey voice "What will happen to the golden robot?"
  • Alex: Don't worry folks, there are some exciting scenes coming up.


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