Star Wars Minute 64: Opening the Magnetic Field

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August 29th 2013.


The pirate ship (The Millennium Falcon) is pulled in through port doors of the Death Star, coming to rest in a huge hangar.


Damon Ciarelli



  • The Falcon gets sucked in to the docking bay on the Death Star.
  • Darth Vader makes his way down to the Falcon.
  • Great camera shots of the Millennium Falcon sitting in the docking bay.


  • The magnetic field on the Death Star and how it works. This instantly turns in to a discussion about Stormtroopers and how their suits work.
  • Force fields in general.
  • The layout and orientation of the Death Star. Which way is up? The assumption is that there is artificial gravity on the Death Star.
  • The location of docking bay 327 in relation to the trench / equator around the Death Star.
  • Is the equatorial trench the same trench that Luke flies along at the end of the movie when attacking the Death Star?
  • The number 327 appearing in multiple Star Wars movies.
  • The Imperial Officer / Death Squad Commander playing Simon Says on the Death Star. Also, why is everyone on the Death Star so panicked at capturing the Millennium Falcon? Perhaps it's a drill or rehearsal run.
  • Are the Stormtroopers following the mouse droid? It certainly looks that way.
  • More discussion about the Alderaan System and exactly what the term system refers to. Lines in this minute seem to suggest that the planet and its moons are the only thing in the 'system'.
  • What happens to a 'system' when a planet is destroyed and the moons are sent reeling through space. The team wonder what Ryan Haupt, SWM's science adviser, would have to say about that.
  • The Empire not being able to obtain a permit to destroy Alderaan.
  • Is this the point at which they halted Leia's execution, given that she may still be of some use? Vader seems to have a soft-spot for Process Leia (which makes sense).
  • Is Vader actually a secret rebel sympathizer?
  • Implanting a tracking device on Leia.
  • The approach to set design in Star Wars, especially around the huge Millennium Falcon.
  • The fact that we don't see more angles of the Falcon in the movie.
  • In regards to the line "they must be trying to return the stolen plans to the Princess", does this mean to Alderaan or the Death Star? If it's the Death Star then this, in turn, means that they are effectively breaking IN to prison to give someone the thing that person stole in the first place.
  • Referenced: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  • Death Star elevators and the general lack of safety considerations in the Death Star.

Meta Minute

  • 17:04 podcast episode length.
  • Pete dreams of a Death Star hotel in Vegas.
  • The group of Stormtroopers in this minute must have utilised ALL of the Stormtrooper costumes and actors made for the movie. How many complete Stormtrooper costumes did they have?
  • Every clone trooper in the Prequels ("Sorry Pete") was CG'd.
  • Apparently 'bay 327' is, in fact located in the equatorial trench.


  • Damon: And I'm Damon from no place in particular.
  • Alex: Somebody in science get on that!
  • Pete: 'Cause she's just kind of... forcey.
  • Alex: That was my Emperor imitation. Pete: Hmmm... Not as good as your Obi-Wan.
  • Damon: I think that if there is ever a drinking game for Star Wars Minute it should be every time you say "I hate to bring up the Prequels Pete" (or "Sorry Pete") you have to drink.
  • Alex: He (Pete) yells at me several times off mic about not bringing up the Prequels so I feel bad.


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