Star Wars Minute 65: Captain Khurgee

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August 30th, 2013


The Imperials search the Millennium Falcon but find no trace of our heroes.


Damon Ciarelli



  • The minute begins with Darth Vader arriving to inspect the Millennium Falcon and ends with the crew emerging from the hidden "smuggling compartments".


  • Pete refers to the Star Wars radio drama in which there is a lot more exposition around the crew finding and utilizing the smuggling compartments, ejecting the escape pod and updating the log.
  • The log that Han Solo uses. Isn't it always falsified given that he's a smuggler?
  • How does the log work? Paper-based or software?
  • The Stormtroopers should have been able to detect life-forms on the Falcon based on the technology shown in earlier minutes of the movie.
  • If the escape pod was jettisoned after they were already in the tractor beam, as per the radio drama, that should have also been captured in the tractor beam and sucked in to The Death Star.
  • In this scene it is suggested that the droids could have used the escape pod whereas in an earlier scene the Imperial Officers scoffed at the thought of droids using an escape pod.
  • The Millennium Falcon as a "decoy".
  • Captain Khurgee leads the team that inspects the Falcon. Captain Khurgee is voiced (via overdub) by Harry Shearer. this fact blew Pete's mind when he found out. Shearer overdubs other characters in the movie as well.
  • Whose presence Darth Vader senses.
  • Captain Khurgee seems to be willfully deceiving / misleading Vader about the Falcon. He must be a rebel mole.
  • Where are the droids on the Falcon during the Imperial search? They're not in the cockpit; they're not in the smuggling compartments; where are they?
  • The crew don't wait very long to emerge from the smuggling compartments - the Stormtroopers have only just walked by. Actually, how did they know that there were no more Stormtroopers on the Falcon at this point? (Note - see Meta Minute below)
  • Also, assuming that the Stormtroopers and their Commanders couldn't detect any life forms on the Falcon due to shielding applied to the smuggling compartments (e.g. lead) shouldn't they be detected by the scanners the minute they emerge from the compartments?
  • What do the smuggling compartments on the Falcon smell like? Spices? Curry and garbage?
  • Han thinks the hiding plan is ridiculous. Alex, Pete and Damon point out that the whole plan - as far it goes - is ridiculous and risky.
  • The crew should have waited a few hours before emerging from the smuggling compartments, however Pete points out that it is 2:00am on The Death Star so maybe it's the ideal time (i.e. Han says that they're going to arrive at Alderaan at o-200).

Meta Minute

  • 13:43 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: There is something in this minute that totally blew Pete's mind. Alex can't wait to hear what it is.
  • This podcast episode was recorded well before TFA was released. Alex suggests that perhaps they had cameras on the Millennium Falcon, which are utilized in TFA on Han's new ship.


  • Alex: (As Captain Khurgee listening to Darth Vader) Um, yes, what? Am I supposed to do something with that?
  • Alex and Damon: Very dangerous.
  • Pete: I just wanted to bring it back to Greedo for a second.


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