Star Wars Minute 68: No Place for Boobs

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Male vs. female stormtroopers in "Star Wars Battlefront (2015)"


September 4th, 2013.


Ben adjusts the lightsaber on his belt and silently steps out of the command office, then disappears down a long grey hallway.


Leslie Gornstein



  • This minute starts with R2-D2 showing the location of the tractor beam controller on the monitor and ends with Ben leaving the room and Han and Chewbacca complaining about him.
  • This is a very real scene / sequence in the movie. It's a quiet scene and is slightly odd.
  • Han leans against Chewie as if Chewie (Peter Mayhew) is a lamp-post.
  • Ben walking away in this scene is quite poignant.


  • Ben, being a Jedi, can probably sense Han and Chewbacca talking about him.
  • It takes R2-D2 a long time to find the tractor beam controller schematic. An addition to the special edition of the movie is dialogue from C-3PO explaining the premise of what Ben is about to do with the tractor beam.
  • Stormtrooper outfits do not seem to be made for women (although female Stormtrooper costumes are sighted at Comic Book conventions from time-to-time).
  • Is Stormtrooper armour even available in different sizes? Stormtroopers being clones plays into this discussion.
  • Female character costumes in Star Wars generally seem to be quite skimpy.
  • Luke and Ben's destinies do not seem to lie along different paths at all.
  • Is Luke freaked out by having Ben's force ghost watching him all the time?
  • Ben knows that he's going to meet his death.
  • Ben's last words to Luke, Han and C-3PO.

Meta Minute

  • 14:30 podcast episode length.
  • A host's chair is very squeaky in this podcast episode.
  • Alex raises the thought that Ben's presence in the movie, and his 'grandparent' type role with Luke, reflects America in the 70s whereby children had more kinship with their grandparents than their parents (i.e. the establishment) due to impacts of the Vietnam War and other events.
  • Leslie shares her Star Wars memories. Star Wars has always been there for her. She doesn't remember seeing it at the theater but it was always on TV and she watched it constantly with her family. They also listened to the 45" record audio version of the movie (with narration) - The Story of Star Wars - all the time and owned the novelisation <sic>.
  • Pete reminds everyone that some of the dialogue on The Story of Star Wars is different to movie.
  • Leslie remembers certain snippets of the dialogue from The Story of Star Wars.
  • Pete says that originally the X-wings were Blue Squadron and the Y-wings were Red or Green Squadron.
  • Pete declares his love for Y-wings.


  • Alex: As Ben "I'm sensing I'm being diss'd behind my back" Leslie: Also as Ben "There is a my EGO!"
  • Leslie: A little support would be nice!
  • Leslie: Don't blow my mind while I'm trying to talk about boobs.
  • Leslie: Little known fact, Wookiees double as wonderful pillows.


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