Star Wars Minute 71: Who Can We Get To Walk By?

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September 9th, 2013.


Han, Luke, and Chewie wait for the elevator.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with C-3PO lamenting how un-reassuring <sic> Han Solo's advice was and ends with our heroes dressed as Stormtroopers getting into the elevator to travel up to the detention block.
  • This is a tense minute, and sequence, in the movie.
  • Great ominous music in this minute.


  • Referenced: Jaws.
  • The frightened little robot. Is the mouse droid running away supposed to be a slap-sticky 'CG robots stepping in poop' moment? A pre-cursor to the Prequels perhaps?
  • Luke and Han both have their holsters on their left hips, and later in the movie when Luke unholsters his blaster he has to reach across with his right hand to grab it - which is obviously very inefficient. The Stormtroopers they attacked to get the outfits were probably lefties.(Note - This observation is a great example the level of detail and analysis that Alex brings to the podcast.)
  • How did Luke find a Stormtrooper that was as 'little' as he is to attack and steal his outfit? Did Han and Luke wait for the right sized Stormtroopers? If so, there must have been a constant stream of Stormtroopers walking onto the Millennium Falcon that never came out.
  • Referenced: Goldilocks.
  • Luke IS short for a Stormtrooper!
  • Safety railings have been installed near the elevators. This must be the oldest most finished part of the Death Star, or it's where the Empire is most concerned about safety.
  • What's at the bottom of that chasm? Dead Stormtroopers, hats that blew off, pennies?
  • Day-to-day life on the Death Star. Is there a recreation area?
  • Han Solo originally wanting to go to The (Imperial) Academy according to the books.
  • Stormtroopers just doing their job and then these terrorists (the Rebels) infiltrate the Death Star and ultimately blow them up.
  • Jackie makes the point that the Death Star is an engineering marvel that completely conquers space travel; Alex suggests that it's like a giant space cruise ship; Jackie says it's like a giant mall that probably has only up and down elevators so that you have to walk past certain stores; Building on the mall theory, Alex thinks that it's probably like 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' in there.
  • Referenced: Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • There is a lot of people, of all ages, walking around in the corridors that our heroes use to get to the elevator.
  • Han's mimed wave off of people, especially when they try to get into the elevator with them. Jackie wants to do that in real life and Pete makes that point that she therefore needs to travel with a Wookiee more.
  • What white tunics on Imperial Officers mean. They are members of a different Division (e.g. Wullf Yalaren). Or they're Ice-cream Troopers.
  • There are lots of older people walking around the Death Star; why are they there? This definitely reinforces the point that it's like a giant cruise ship (because old people love cruising). Where is the shuffleboard, the casino, and what's the buffet like?
  • This is a great corridor and there is a shiny black Death Star droid walking along. Is this Anthony Daniels? Pete thinks it is and challenges people to call 8-DAY-GREEDO to bet him that it isn't. Chewbacca checks out the droid as they walk past each other; Chewbacca is checking out everyone that they walk by.
  • Why does Luke wait so long, and then chooses this exact moment, to tell Han that he can't see a thing?

Meta Minute

  • 12:47 podcast episode length.
  • Jackie points out that the minute-by-minute review format works really well for this minute given that it is so tense.
  • Some more mentions of Pol Treidum in this podcast episode.
  • Jackie points out that watching the movie minute-by-minute is an interesting exercise as you see something different every time you watch it.


  • Pete: I hate to be the first one to bring up the Prequels this week. Alex: <Loud, exasperated sigh!>
  • Jackie: I wish I wasn't a Stormtrooper.
  • Jackie: Support the troops, man.
  • Alex: Hate The Star Wars, don't hate the Star Warriors.
  • Alex: As Chewbacca looking at the Death Star droid "Ah that's some nice technology!".
  • Alex: The Peter Tosh Memorial Control Room.


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