Star Wars Minute 74: I'm Here To Rescue You

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September 12th, 2013.


Our hero frees the princess.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Han letting everyone know that they're all fine there (..."How are you?") and ends with Vader letting Tarkin know that Obi-Wan is on the Death Star.
  • This is an important minute as things are starting to come together.
  • Han is funny in this minute; Chewie is weaving around in the background; and our heroes are going to get company in the form of Leia.
  • All of the characters revert to their type in this minute - Han is funny; Leia is brave; Luke is heroic (not dumb).
  • The moment when Luke takes off the Stormtrooper helmet and announces to Leia that he's here to rescue her is a great Star Wars moment.


  • Luke walks into Leia's cell dressed as a Stormtrooper and cocks his head to one side like a golden retriever. This is good physical acting by Mark Hamill - maybe he called on the mime training he received from Anthony Daniels.
  • Pete mentions that this may be the first time we hear Luke's surname. This is Luke's moment of transformation.
  • How George Lucas and the cast arrived at Luke's surname, and alternate readings of the "here to rescue line".
  • Luke could have just pointed at himself and said "Hero!" and everyone would have understood.
  • Leia recognizes the name "Ben" Kenobi instantly, so she must have known his alias. Jackie suggests that Ben is his casual or friendly name and every-one knows it - Obi-Wan is his formal name used in special circumstances.
  • Ben Kenobi and Mace Windu talking to each other.
  • Leia doesn't jump up until Luke mentions Ben's name; the hosts suggest that she should have started moving a bit sooner, what with trying to escape and all - no time for chitter-chat in a finite ball of space.
  • Leia also should have realised that the R2 unit (R2-D2) being on the very space station that it is holding the secret plans for is far from ideal.
  • Practical jokes played on Leia by the Stormtroopers as a way of getting information from her.
  • The Darth Vader scene at the end of the minute will be discussed in the next podcast episode.
  • In regards to the rescue and Han Solo's conversation at the control panel:
    • Why did Han have to shoot the intercom at the end of the conversation? Alex suggests that in the Star Wars universe when you shoot a telephone or intercom the laser comes out the other end and kills the other person, whereas Jackie suggests that just a big flag that says "BANG!" pops out the other end. Or maybe the caller has to accept the call / laser bolt.
    • Han's ad-lib is a nice human moment.
    • Han's "Situation normal" line is unconvincing at best.
    • The plan for this rescue / attack is not well thought through. What's the exit plan?
    • Couldn't R2-D2 just arrange a prisoner transfer of Leia via his computer access?
    • The hosts discuss alternate rescue plans.
    • Our heroes uses the "Chewbacca is a prisoner" ploy again in ROTJ and it doesn't really work then either; so what is their plan, or is this actually what they expected to happen - get into the room, let Chewbacca freak out and then improv from there.
    • The hosts wish we saw some other prisoners in this sequence.
  • Jackie, continuing here second-by-second break-down of the movie, refers to second 55 in this minute and the great chairs in the conference room used by Grand Moff Tarkin. The chair continues the 'key-hole design' used throughout the Death Star - which is obviously Pol Treidum applying his decorative touch.

Meta Minute

  • 13:08 podcast episode length
  • The hosts talk about how they're getting to know each other over the course of the week.
  • During a screening of the special edition ("Sorry Pete") that he attended the whole audience cheered when Luke said the heroic and iconic "I'm here to rescue you" line.


  • Jackie: When (Luke) walks into her cell and he has his Stormtrooper hat on...they probably call it a helmet.
  • Pete: As Aunt Beru "Luuuuke".


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