Star Wars Minute 75: Imaginary Friend

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September 13th, 2013.


A series of explosions knock a hole in the elevator door through which several Imperial troops begin to emerge.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Vader updating Tarkin about Obi-Wan being on the Death Star and ends with the Stormtroopers breaking their way into the cell block control room.
  • The great performance from Peter Cushing continues in this minute.
  • Referenced: Harry Potter.


  • Good, strong scene between Vader and Tarkin, and it looks great.
  • The conference room evokes the war room from Doctor Strangelove which is not a coincidence because Gilbert Taylor was the cinematographer on Star Wars and Doctor Strangelove, as well as others.
  • Referenced: A Hard Day's Night; Flash Gordon.
  • Jackie thinks that the conference room is spookily and romantically lit. Alex thinks the whole Death Star looks very '70s'.
  • More tid-bits in this scene about how Jedis and their 'religion' is viewed at this time in the Star Wars universe.
  • Tarkin calls Jedi a religion although we know that it is a scientific phenomenon (e.g. midi-chlorians).
  • Jackie likes Jedi more as a religion than a science. She says that religions are generally more fun than science.
  • Tarkin says that Vader (and Obi-Wan) are all that's left of their religion, which clearly lumps Jedi and Sith all together into one thing - i.e. The Force. This is how Pete always understood The Force and he thought that Jedi are the good guys and Sith are the bad guys but that they're all powered by The Force. It's later revealed that the Emperor was a Jedi once as well, and Tarkin doesn't refer to him, so it's all very confusing. Jackie suggests that Vader is the Sith's 'man on the ground' and no-one really knows about the Emperor's powers at this point, which leads Alex to question exactly what Vader's role is given that Tarkin bosses him around. In ESB Darth Vader is clearly second-in-charge to the Emperor so there is clearly a power shift between the two movies.
  • Pete refers to the Star Wars radio drama in which Tarkin is encouraged, behind the scenes, to make a power-play and usurp the Emperor. Jackie likes that in Star Wars Tarkin and Vader had roughly the same amount of power but Darth Vader had the shadowy figure of The 'evil' Emperor on his side, albeit conditionally. This conditional support becomes true when the Emperor doesn't leave Death Star II due to Vader's hand. Maybe the Emperor could see in to the future and had some doubts.
  • Tarkin thinking that Obi-Wan surely must be dead by now. How does Tarkin know about Obi-Wan? Due to Obi-Wan escaping in the Prequels ("Sorry Pete")? Also, that was only 18 years ago and even though Ben, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru all aged terribly on Tatooine surely Ben could still be alive. Jackie always took this to mean that The Force could be used to extend someone's life, even though, on reflection, they're all relatively young men at this point.
  • Vader seems to know what Obi-Wan's intentions are, although it does seem like Vader is talking about his imaginary friend (i.e. Obi-Wan's not dead; no-one can come with Vader to see him; and there's no evidence of his body when he 'dies').
  • Also, Vader says that it's not just Obi-Wan that's here; The Force is as well. Does this mean that Obi-Wan brought it with him?
  • Meanwhile, back at the detention area:
    • The door does not look like metal when it blows up.
    • What do the Stormtroopers use to blow the hole in the door?
    • The door exploding must have been really loud in that confined space.
    • Han and Chewie should have just stayed where they were and picked off the Stormtroopers one at a time as they bumbled through the hole in the door.
    • The dead Stormtrooper in the hole really causes a bottle-neck.
    • Alex imagines a scene in which, as each Stormtrooper walks through the hole, Han takes off their helmet, Chewie bops them on the head to knock them out, and then Han catches them and places them onto a pile of unconscious Stormtroopers off to the side.

Meta Minute

  • 14:47 podcast episode length.
  • Jackie says that it's been a lovely week.
  • Thanks to Jackie for the week; check out Jackie's The Dork Forest podcast.


  • Jackie: (Stepped on by Alex) This is where Vader and Tarkin get it on.


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