Star Wars Minute 77: Issues with the Trash

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September 17th, 2013


Leia, Chewie, Luke, and Han find themselves in a garbage room.


Joe Mazel



  • Starts with Princess Leia jumping into a garbage chute and ends with Han inside the trash compactor trying to shoot his way out.
  • Han refers to Chewbacca as a "woolly oaf".


  • How does Leia know that this is a garbage chute? Maybe she smelt it while in her cell and asked the Stormtroopers about the foul stench.
  • How does Leia know that Han Solo is a fly-boy? Maybe Luke told her when he introduced the whole cast and ran through the story up until that point.
  • Han shouldn't have ignored Chewbacca's sense of danger after smelling something bad.
  • Chewbacca's relationship status with Han. A favorite pet? A noble pet? Han kicks him in the butt at this point.
  • Luke's look at Han after Han's comment about Leia. The 'love triangle' begins and Luke starts getting annoyed at Han. Luke's growth as the hero also continues - although he is acting a bit like an annoyed teenager.
  • How far is the drop / fall from the prison corridor to the trash compactor? Luckily there is a lot of foam trash for them to fall on. Also, what is this trash and where does it all come from - especially the water.
  • Referenced: The Wilhelm scream.
  • The Stormtrooper costumes seem to remain remarkably clean in this sequence. Also, the actors were wearing wet suits under their costumes in this scene.
  • An imagined future in which all of the characters develop typhoid as a result of their time in their garbage.
  • The line "What an incredible smell..." is funny - both ha-ha funny and strange funny. What does the line mean?

Meta Minute

  • 12:54 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO caller with a question - Why don't the Stormtroopers just follow our heroes into the trash compactor or at least shoot them in there? The hosts humorously respond to this question later in the podcast.
  • This is a special minute - Minute 77 of a movie that was released in 1977.


  • Alex: As Leia to a Stormtrooper "What is that foul stench? Is Governor Tarkin here to see me?"
  • Alex: The jerk store called... (Referenced: Seinfeld).
  • Pete: All trash action!


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