Star Wars Minute 94: This Isn't The End

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October 10th, 2013.


The fighter comes closer, firing at the pirate ship, but a well-aimed blast from Solo's laser cannon hits the attacker, which blows up in a small atomic shower of burning fragments.


Songe Riddle



  • Starts with Luke blowing up a TIE fighter and ends with Tarkin asking if they're away.
  • You can briefly see David Prowse's face/eye through his red lenses in this minute and the next.


  • What are Tarkin and Vader staring at? The view from the big window; a monitor; a window with a transparent monitor over it?
  • Referenced: Google Glass; Twitter.
  • Tarkin using Twitter and getting hacked by R2-D2.
  • Luke is really excited about shooting a TIE fighter. Is he cocky or just excited / enthusiastic? Also, Luke has already killed multiple Stormtroopers by this point, so why so excited? Luke as an experienced killer.
  • C-3PO falling and being tangled in the wires was originally going to be shown during the blockade runner sequence at the beginning of the movie. It was probably deemed as too silly for the beginning of the movie. Pete never remembers this shot from the movie. Also, this scene encapsulates C-3PO's whole character - Pete: "I'm in danger of bodily harm and it's your fault".
  • The explosion of the final TIE fighter to be shot is very impressive.
  • This marks a turning point in the movie; most of the action up until this point has been face-to-face, whereas from now on its all spaceships fighting. It moves us from Act 2 to Act 3 of the movie - it works really well as we're moving locations and themes.
  • The main Star Wars group - Luke and Leia, Han and Chewbacca, and the droids. Although they don't actually spend that much time together in the movie. The prequels don't have a 'gang' of characters and this may be one of their (many) weaknesses. Having a gang of characters also helps with characterization. Pete points out that a small group is formed in Episode 1 - Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Jar Jar Binks, Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker.
  • Referenced: Jefferson Starship.
  • The lenses in Vader's mask are changed to black in later movies. Vader looks at the world through rose-colored glasses and the lenses match his lightsaber.
  • The Death Star gunner in the background is working hard on something. Who is that guy? Perhaps he's controlling the laser light-show that Vader and Tarkin are watching.
  • Referenced: The Holiday Special.

Meta Minute

  • Apart from the homepage, this is the oldest page on the wiki.
  • 17:51 podcast episode length.
  • Ninety-four.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - Background story behind the last TIE fighter that they shoot; it explodes for a comically long time - for a Star Wars minute. Perhaps the pilot had a case of C4 on board.
  • There should be a video / arcade game based on the turret sequence.
  • Songe shares his first experiences with Star Wars:
    • He saw it in the 70's.
    • He was very young and saw it in the theater with his Mum.
    • It is the first thing he can really remember.
    • Saw it in either 1977 or during the re-release in 1979; probably in 1979 as in 1977 he was only 1 and a half years old.
    • Songe loved Star Wars and was obsessed with it as a child.
    • He would play 'Star Wars' in pre-school and would pretend to be Luke Skywalker.
    • Calling them 'Star Wars memories' are tough because it's always just been a part of his life.
    • He remembers getting Star Wars toys as Christmas presents
    • Songe just loves Star Wars.
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  • Songe: And I'm Songe
  • Pete: I can't believe we're devoting this much time to the Prequels in this minute.


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