Star Wars Minute 99: New Filters

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Fake Wedge must have been like "That's it. I'm out!"


The Death Star begins to move around the planet toward the tiny green moon.


Josh Flanagan



  • End of the rebel briefing
  • First shot of Luke in his flight suit
  • The only time in the trilogy where ships shooting "rays" is mentioned
  • First time (chronologically) that someone says "May the Force be with you"
  • Grand Moff Tarkin eye roll - Josh's favorite moment


  • Luke is in his filthy bathrobe during the whole briefing. It must still smell terrible.
  • Discussion of womp rats
    • Maybe Luke doesn't know what a "meter" is
    • Bigger than 2 meters? Womp rats must be huge.
    • Would it actually be that hard to hit a 2-meter-wide target?
  • The 'gravity' of the situation
    • Maybe there wasn't supposed to be artificial gravity and that's why there are all those bottomless pits.
  • Call for science help from Ryan Haupt
  • Similarity between the pilots' life support system and Darth Vader's
  • Referenced: 'MacGyvering' something, The Family Circus
  • Mentioned: Underoos, A long time, the game Galaga
  • What if the Empire had just sent in Star Destroyers to bomb them, rather than using the Death Star?
  • Darth Vader has many filters that can alter his incessant breathing noise
  • Callback to Obi-Wan being Vader's imaginary friend, who he blames when he breaks a glass or tracks sand all over the Death Star.
  • "Kenobi" = Jedi dementia
  • Space uses the metric system (sorry, USA)

Meta Minute

  • 18:32 podcast episode length.
  • Josh closes the show during his introduction
  • Referenced: Han's comment about parsecs from minute 48
  • The force of gravity at the Death Star (assuming no artificial sources of gravity) would be almost nil.

Using the formula g = G x m / r2, where:

  • g is the surface gravity (in m / s2),
  • G is the gravitational constant (6.674 x 10−11 N x m2 / kg2) and
  • r is the radius (in m),

we can calculate that, even if the Death Star were a solid sphere 120 km wide (see minute 56) made of Osmium (density of 22,570 kg/m3, the densest naturally occurring element1) you would only weigh 4% of your weight on Earth. If it were as dense as the moon, you would weigh a mere 1% of your earthly weight.


  • Josh: Womp rats are terrifying!
  • Alex: If someone told me, "Two meters isn't that big. I used to... I used to hunt rhinoceroses from my helicopter." I wouldn't be like "wow you must be a great shot." It's a rhinoceros. How could you not hit a rhinoceros?!
  • Pete: (as hick farmboy Luke) "I used to shoot animals."
  • Alex: (in a different, hillbilly voice) "I used ta shoot 'possum with ma boomstick! In the back of my pickup truck"
  • Josh: Dodonna said it first.
  • Pete: I liked my underwear.
  • Josh: (As Vader) "Listen to my new filters." Pete: They're like ringtones.


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