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There are many ways that you, the listener, can make Star Wars Minute a better place.

Spread the Word

If you like listening to Star Wars Minute, why not tell your friends about it and get them to listen too? Every listener can make a difference. Let's turn Star Wars Minute into the most popular and successful podcast it can be.


Star Wars Minute
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Greeley Square Station (but "Greedo Square Station" works too.)
New York, NY 10001

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Financial Support

Running a podcast is expensive. Whether it's domain hosting fees or purchasing new recording equipment, the cost adds up, so every little bit can help keep the show going.

Book an Appearance

Is there a comics convention or other nerdy event in YOUR city? Do you wish your favorite podcast hosts would make an appearance? Email and maybe we can work something out.

Join the Wiki

Join me!

This site is moderated and edited by a small number of dedicated SWM fans. You can help us out by creating an account and contributing to the wiki. In particular, we need people to create pages for past guests and episodes. Simply click on any red-colored link to create that page, and take a look at our Etiquette and Protocol page to find out how to create a basic page easily. We'd really appreciate it!