The Force Awakens Minute 1: Luke Skywalker Has Vanished

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November 12th, 2018


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...





  • Begins with the black void, and ends with the Opening Crawl telling us that Leia is desperate to find her brother and gain his...
  • 17 seconds of silence (no fanfare).
  • In all caps:
    • Faction names


  • How to refer to Episodes VII–IX now and in the future.
  • Disney acquiring all our favorite franchises.
    • Including Fox's entertainment properties.
  • Support the Show.
    • Official SWM-relisten on the SWMLS.
  • Mentioned: Alex doesn't listen to the show.
  • Meta-textual references.
    • The title of the movie.
  • The saga films as the backbone of Star Wars.
  • How well the names of the Star Wars movies match their content.
  • Running theme: similarities with The Motion Picture.
  • TFA is 7th in both episode number order and release order.
  • Lack of behind the scenes info for this movie.
  • Spoilers, Luke Skywalker vanishes.
  • Comparisons between the opening crawl for this movie and the Lucas-era films.
  • Luke vanishing emboldened the First Order. How long ago did this happen?
  • Since this is brand new Star Wars, the information in the crawl is actually important for understanding the movie.
  • The ongoing issue that we don't know what the structure of the Republic and the First Order actually are.
  • The "death" of the former EU.
  • Plug for Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition and Star Wars Minute: Week in Review for Patreon supporters.

Meta Minute

  • 33:08 podcast episode length.
  • The fact that the Fox Fanfare would be different in post-Lucas Star Wars was mentioned way back in the first episode of the show.
  • Both Sleeping Beauty's castle (originally known as Snow White's castle) and Cinderella's castle are used in Disney logos.
  • In addition to being the first new Star Wars movie to come out since the show began, it's the first Star Wars movie where our hosts' first viewing of the film was together.


  • Alex: We're here in the past; we don't know anything.
  • Pete: It's both the backbone and the meat and a tent pole, somehow, if you can follow my metaphor.
  • Pete: He [Luke] went off to burn his dad and nobody ever saw him again.


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