Phantom Menace Minute 108: The Wilhelm Lottery

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Anakin hides behind one of the Naboo fighters, ducking as large bolts whiz past and explode near him. Padmé and the two Jedi destroy battle droids right and left.


Todd Alcott




  • Todd: Why do we never see the weapons manufacturers in Star Wars? (Lots of Death Star discussion).
  • Discussion about who are the protagonist and antagonist, and that one reason the movie fails is because it's not clear.
  • Where do R2-D2's legs go when he gets sucked up into the ship?
  • Yet more discussion of Amidala's accent: does it change to match who she's talking to?
  • The ship plummeting to the ground is very Wile E Coyote. Apparently, the time between Wile E Coyote disappearing from view and the "poof" when he hits the ground is always exactly 18 frames. Todd wondered if it's the same here.
  • Comparing the "As you wish" that Boba Fett says to Darth Vader in Empire to the "As you wish" from The Princess Bride (which means "I love you").
  • Brief discussion of Boba Fett's sex life.
  • Mentioned: Jaws, Bill Clinton, Wile E Coyote, The Princess Bride.

Meta Minute

  • 55:32 podcast episode length
  • This episode was the longest episode by a single guest at the time it aired. It held that record until Rogue One Minute 86 surpassed it.


  • Todd: "I shouldn't be watching a Star Wars film saying 'Who is that? What's going on? What is their function?'"
  • Alex: "I'm going to stand in the window. Please plug in my dress"


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