That's No Moonraker: From Russia with Love

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May 30th, 2020


Pete and Alex take a look at the second installment of the James Bond franchise: 1963's "From Russia with Love".





  • 2nd film based on the 5th book.
  • Blofeld first appears in this movie.
  • Both female leads had all their dialogue dubbed.
  • Introduction of the Q of record.
  • Pickup shot of Bond signing the photo is the director writing the name of the movie.
  • Many shots of Kerim Bey are his body double or the director as the actor had terminal cancer.
  • British Film Board made them cut a line, and so at the last minute they had to cut around it in a weird jump cut.
  • James Bond will return in Goldfinger.


  • Mentioned: Pete's 1980s James Bond Prestige VHS collection.
  • Pan still life covers.
  • Cold open with fake death of James Bond.
    • Morzeny ==> Walter Gotell, who is in 6 different James Bond movies playing the same character in 5 of them (after this) and just a ton of other things.
    • Star Wars crossover: Gold 3 (John Ketteringham). Also pops up later in Thunderball.
    • Robert Shaw (Quint from Jaws) is the main antagonist.
    • Continuity from the last movie.
  • Top Secret used a lot of real James Bond actors. Mentioned: "You can cut that out".
  • This movie is more meta-conscious about James Bond.
  • Referenced: Curtis Armstrong (Booger from Revenge of the Nerds).
  • The financial success of this movie.
  • Mentioned The Apple.
  • How do you play Baccarat?
    • The SPECTRE henchman has perfect chess timing.
  • Blofeld is the Wedge of James Bond.
    • The geologist from last movie plays the body of Blofeld in this and other movies.
    • Shoutout to Matt Gourley. Is there a James Bond expanded universe?
  • Rosa Klebb
    • Her sexuality. Mentioned: the Bechdel test.
    • Behind-the-scenes.
    • Her name is a pun on the Soviet phrase for women's rights: Хлеб и розы (Khleb i rozy).
  • How does Tatiana know who James Bond is?  Why the fake out? Referenced: Star Trek II and the death of Spock.
  • Sylvia Trench (from last movie) was supposed to be another through character.
  • Daniela Bianchi.
    • Former Miss Universe runner-up, and was cast based on her looks as she did not speak English that well.
  • There was lot more wholesale replacement of actors lines in old movies than you would think, less so nowadays.
  • Q.
    • He was called Boothroyd in the last movie, in the script for this movíe, and in the FRWL novel as well.
    • Desmond Llewelyn was Q in no less than 17 Bond films.
    • There have since been two other (extremely English) Qs.
    • Bond gadgets cliché established.
  • Mentioned: Similarities with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  • Star Wars crossovers:
    • Fred Wood - Local ugly man #1 (Dannik Jerriko?). Also in A Hard Day's Night and Superman III.
    • Alf Mangan - Takeel (Snaggletooth).
    • George Oliver - Debnoli
  • "Brakefast" again.
  • Train scenes in movies. Comparison with North by Northwest.
  • The VHS cover/poster has James Bond in a silly hat with a flare gun.
  • Title song.
    • Decent James Bond song, name of the movie is name of the song.
    • But is not sung during opening credits, so it is disqualified in Pete's ranking.
    • Shout out to Chrysanthe Tan.
  • Ranking: We like this one better than Dr. No

Meta Notes

  • Alex's Star Wars alternate title has a misquote. It should be "Love has blinded you".
  • This episode aired prior to No Time to Die being pushed back from its original release date at the end of the Summer 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Pete and Alex had planned to schedule the end of That's No Moonraker to coincide with the release of the 25th James Bond film, but that didn't end up working out.
  • The people who have been historically labeled "gypsies" are more properly known as the Romani people.


  • Alex and then Pete: "Doctor Nose-Gross".
  • Pete: [Klebb]'s still got her fingers in SMERSH, if you'll pardon the... [trails off]
  • Pete: ...It [No Time to Die]'s going to end with James Bond hiring James Bond to kill James Bond.
  • Alex then Pete: "Threepenny Opera" was the Superman 2 of From Russia with Love.
  • Alex: It's like the plot of an adult film; you're not there for the plot you're there for the— Pete: (finishing Alex's thought) the adult.

Star Wars names

Star Wars pun names for From Russia with Love 
  • Totally forgot about doing this.
  • From Russia with [sic] "Love has made you blind"
  • From Russia with [insert Attack of the Clones reference]

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