Empire Minute 11: Falling Down in the Snow

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January 27th,2014


Artoo stands in the falling snow, beeping worriedly. Threepio moves stiffly over to him.


Josh Flanagan



  • Threepio again complaining about his joints freezing
  • R2 accessories


Meta Minute

  • 18:33 podcast episode length.
  • This is Josh's third appearance on the show.
  • New force powers revealed in Episode VII include freezing a blaster bolt in mid-air and paralyzing opponents/knocking them unconscious
  • The Star Wars martial art Teräs Käsi was introduced into canon by the Solo standalone film.


  • Josh: "...And I'm Josh Flanagan, I think I'm literally broadcasting from Hoth! I'm saying it's COLD everyone! HELLO?" <thumps microphone>
  • Josh: "I'm bad with Scandinavia, and pretty much anything north of Spain"
  • Josh: (as movie crew) "Alright, we'll come back. At least we don't have to be in Tunisia this time, man it was hot there!<brief pause, then quickly> We're going where?"
  • Alex: "That guy's trying to kill me, and he's using my own robot against me!"



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