Empire Minute 118: Delusions of Grandeur

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June 25th, 2014


Artoo races to a control panel and starts working on a circuit board. Furious, Threepio stands on one leg, yelling.


John Kovalic



  • 118 long minutes into the movie.
  • Starts with Darth Vader telepathically telling Luke that it is his destiny; ends with Darth Vader being sad that Luke has escaped.


  • Darth Vader is not getting a Father's Day card again this year.
  • Referenced: "Arrested Development" and Charlie Brown.
  • Darth Vader really enunciates the word "Destiny".
  • When Darth Vader is telepathically saying things to Luke, is he also saying them out loud like Luke does in reply? That would be strange on the deck of the Star Destroyer.
  • Similarly, Luke would also be babbling from the perspective of Leia and Lando.
  • Yoda, Ben and Luke ALL move their lips when using telepathy. Can you use telepathy in the Star Wars universe without also saying the words out loud?
  • Referenced: Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Telepathy is not used in the Prequels. It's like R2-D2's jet-pack - sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't.
  • The last instance of whiny Luke. We're going to miss him.
  • Are they even in contact with each other or are they each just talking to themselves at the same time?
  • C-3PO says "delusions of grandeur". Han says almost the same thing in Return of the Jedi. Did C-3PO get that from Han, did Han get it from C-3PO, or did Jabba the Hutt say it first?
  • C-3PO is like your parents. As soon as he starts saying something you know it has become uncool and everyone stops saying it.
 John's daughter has just gotten into Star Wars thanks to the Star Tours ride at Disney World.
 She loves when R2-D2 falls down.
  • Are the physics of the spaceship accelerating correct? Also, the droids should be used to travelling on spaceships by now and shouldn't be falling into pits.
  • The Star Wars movies have a lot of slapstick comedy but are meant for all ages to enjoy. It also relieves the "darkness" of The Empire Strikes Back.
 The Empire Strikes Back is easily John's favorite Star Wars movie.
 He was in college in London when it came out.
 He would go down to Leicester Square all the time to watch it.
 Although he didn't see it in the theater as much as A New Hope.
 He wasn't disgusted by the slapstick at the time.
  • Slapstick with R2-D2 is acceptable because R2 still gets things done, unlike other characters who are just there to be "slap-sticky".
  • R2-D2 fixes the hyperdrive very quickly and easily. This means that either:
    • Chewbacca is an idiot and can't fix things.
    • It was one of those cases of the answer being right in front of Chewbacca and he wasn't able to see it.
    • Chewbacca had basically fixed it and R2 just needed to "flick the switch".
    • Chewbacca was looking at the physical stuff that was previously broken however the Empire had just changed a setting.
  • Why didn't the Empire deactivate the whole spaceship and not just a part of it?
  • Maybe R2-D2 took the credit for fixing the hyperdrive after Chewie had just fixed it.
  • There are two great reaction shots after the Falcon goes to hyperdrive - Piett's look of horror and Vader's slow motion double take.
    • Piett should have just run away from Darth Vader.
  • This whole minute could be done with sound bites from The Simpsons.
  • Referenced: Family Guy's Star Wars adaptations.
  • The return of Imperial Officer Nemet. He was on a different Star Destroyer earlier in the movie so he was obviously transferred to The Execucisor. Imperial Officers are obviously rotated around the spaceships to ensure that they are exposed to Darth Vader at some stage.
  • Nemet may be a secret rebel agent. He's the Empire's Keyser Söze.
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Meta Minute

  • 20:39 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - The importance, power and beauty of Darth Vader watching the Millennium Falcon fly away.
  • John is a two-time all-star.
  • Thanks to, and from, John for the episode. He has to come back for Return of the Jedi.


  • Alex: <As Luke> What has one thumb and is about to go throw over the Empire? This guy.
  • Alex: ...as opposed to other slapstick characters who are literally just there to be slapstick characters; who shall remain nameless. John: <coughing> Jarjar, jarjar. Alex: You ok; are you alright? John: Sorry, I just got something stuck in my throat.



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