Empire Minute 124: Viewer Mail

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Pete The Postman (no relation).


July 3rd, 2014


Part Three of the End Credits plus viewer mail.


Chris Radtke



  • Credit for Joe Viskocil, pyrotechnics.
  • All the guys who made this awesome.


  • Chris jokes about starting a competing Return of the Jedi MxM podcast.
  • Flash forward: Reference to the scene in the Naboo Movie where the gang are having dinner at Anakin's house.
  • "Viskocil" sounds like a system, or a Star Wars character.
    • He would have to be an explosives lunatic.
  • If this movie were made today, what would be the post-credits scene
    • The cut scene from ROTJ of Luke turning on his new lightsaber.
    • Logray's shamanistic vision of Golden Tony, then pan up and there's Death Star II being built.
    • A stormtrooper walking through the woods, getting caught in a net then being eaten by Ewoks. Then Luke's hand falls in Logray's lap.
      • This would be very confusing.
      • Referenced: Willrow Hood.
      • Maybe do the Ewoks like the shark in Jaws (scarier the less you see of them).
  • Referenced: Captain Ron.
  • Mentioned: Everyone in Star Wars is illiterate.
  • Pete is excited for videophone answering machines.
    • Chris would have Sio Bibble.
    • Alex would have FX-7.
    • Pete's go tos are an Imperial officer, BoShek, or Greedo.
  • Star Wars knock-off films.

"Viewer" Mail (The inBossk)

1. From @BigNickOlson: He assumed Lobot could stop time (when he saw it at home in pan and scan, he couldn't see the Bespin guards). What did you misunderstand about the movies from when you were younger?

  • Chris: Luke's weapon was a (lemon-flavored) "lifesaver".
  • Pete and Alex didn't have anything specific.
  • Chris goes on a tangent. What would Lobot do if he could stop time?

2. From Robbie F.: What falls with Luke after the battle on Cloud City?

  • See the live show.
  • Chris weighs in: it's his lightsaber (not his hand).
    • What if Luke's father was somebody else?

3. From @radtke327: Who's your favorite Star Wars alien, and why?

  • Alex: Hammerhead, because he's weird and because his action figure was awesome.
  • Pete: Greedo. They have a long history, and he's the only alien in Star Wars who gets subtitles.
  • Chris: Garindan Chewbacca. He'd be a great best friend.
    • Digression into Space Chess.

4. From future guest of the show Jeff Manley: Star Wars Minute t-shirt?

  • At this point they were thinking about it.
    • Editor's note: They eventually partner with Teepublic to produce all sorts of SWM Merch.

5. From @solagwc: Not a question, but a story about how a friend's child thought Darth Vader's first name was "Lloyd".

  • Sounds like "Lord".
  • Connection to Jake Lloyd??

6. From Johnathan T.: Asks about other merch (buttons, stickers etc.).

  • Whenever people donate to the show, they've been sending little "thank you" gifts.
  • Editor's note: This is prior to both the setup of the Patreon, and the decision to cover TPM.

7. 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Pete in Brooklyn. What Star Wars characters are you most like?

  • Alex: Zev.
  • Chris: Dengar.
  • Pete: Piett The Retailer.

Meta Minute

  • 44:19 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Pete's friend Jen, who didn't have any other number to reach him by.
  • This episode surpassed the infamous Space Killers to become the podcast episode with the longest run time. This record stood until episode 102 of ROTJ.
  • "The slug thing" in Jedi would become a running joke.


  • Pete: (as Viskocil) I am SO gonna blow that up.
  • Pete: This is all making me want to watch JediJedi doesn't even make me want to watch Jedi.
  • Alex: (As a wise-cracking FX-7) You'll be bacta normal. That's a little doctor humor.
  • Alex: (As Pete to his mom) <petulantly> I'll show you! I'll do a whole podcast talking about Star Wars!
  • Alex: (In Hammerhead's voice) If you really want to work out your abs...



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