Empire Minute 14: Breaking Through the Ghost

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January 30th, 2014


Luke lies face down in the snow, nearly unconscious. Slowly he looks up and sees Ben Kenobi, barely visible through the blowing snow.


Josh Flanagan



  • First appearance of Alec Guinness in this film (we heard his voice in the last minute.
  • Yoda first mentioned (chronological order), and no mention of Qui-Gon Jinn.
  • Cool shot of Tauntaun emerging through Ben's ghost.
  • Death of Han's Tauntaun.
    • Cool sound effect


  • Ben does nothing to try and help Luke, but instead relays this vital message.
  • Jedi afterlife is like using a prison phone or a collect call.
  • Is this the first time Ben has been able to appear to Luke? Why now?
    • Has he been in training all this time?
    • Or maybe Luke is finally Force-sensitive enough to perceive him.
  • Mentioned: the Brackett draft.
    • Originally, it was a recorded message from Ben, stored in Luke's lightsaber.
  • Guinness is wearing his cloak all closed up.
  • Han approaches Luke by riding straight through Kenobi's ghost. Was he drawn there by The Force?
  • How much (if any) Force-sensitivity does Solo possess?
  • Referenced: Schindler's List, True Grit (2010).
  • Before the Prequels, we assumed all Jedi came back as ghosts. That would lead to a pretty crowded Jedi afterlife.
  • Mentioned: Deck Officer.
  • Did Han reach the first marker? Probably not.
  • The Tauntaun dying of natural causes before Han is forced to kill it.
    Hoth Head.jpg
    • It doesn't look like it froze to death (Despite what Wookieepedia might tell you).
    • It probably choked on its own mucus. The first of many choked characters for this film.

Meta Minute

  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Tom from Chicago. He remembers falling down in the snow and calling out for Ben Kenobi.
  • 19:38 podcast episode length.
  • Yet again, Josh is oddly clairvoyant.
  • Culmination of the running joke around Superman movies from the last few minutes.
  • According to Wookieepedia, Qui-Gon was in fact a Jedi master.


  • Alex: Zip it, Schindler.
  • Pete: (As Obi-Wan) "You must go to the Dagobaaa–" <has a Tauntaun run through him>.
  • Alex: "Ben Force-chokes the Tauntaun."
  • Pete: That dastardly Kenobi; no wonder he's in ghost prison.



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