Empire Minute 17: In the Bacta Tank

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The number of kills required to qualify you as an "ace" is generally regarded to be five1; Wedge is a quadruple ace! He really is the hero of the Rebellion.


February 4th, 2014


Strange robot surgeons adjust a mass of electronic equipment. A switch is thrown and a sudden blinding flash obscures Luke in a bacta tank filled with a thick, gelatinous slime. He begins to thrash about, raving in delirium.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Zev found them - repeat: he found them.
  • 2-1B and FX-7
  • Luke looks strong enough to pull the ears off a Gundark.
  • Bacta goes from clear to bright red.


  • Seventeen minutes in, and we've already forgotten what this movie is called.
  • Mentioned: You can edit that out (Pete obviously did not edit this out).
  • Zev seems pretty sure he found both of them. How much trouble would he have been in if he only found Han?
  • The Snowspeeder only fits two - how did they get back?
  • Referenced: The Fox, chicken and grain puzzle.
  • How come Zev is Rogue Two? What about Wedge?
    • Maybe they couldn't afford to pay all three Wedges?
  • Mentioned: M*A*S*H, Back to School (1986).
  • 2-1B's advice column.
  • Medical droid vs. torture droid ethics.
    • 2-1B is very philosophical about his job - he is programmed to be caring, but realizes he is just a tool to be used.
  • Asterios goes on a tangent about "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
  • 2-1B's disregard for FX-7.
  • Luke specially requested 2-1B to do his hand surgery later (Spoilers). If you copied 2-1B's programming into another droid, then there's no need to wait around for that particular droid.
  • Speculation about Gundark ears and possible relation to "Gundarr the Barbarian" (a character that actually has his own wiki (barely). Also, see below).
  • The Luke-Leia Deleted scene

  • Alex's no-prize explanation.
  • Poopy talk: "This may smell bad kid, but it'll keep you warm."
  • Luke owes Han two now. What are the two? How does this math work out?

Meta Minute

  • 19:45 podcast episode length.
  • Alex is very eager to skip ahead to talking about the bacta tank.
  • Denis Lawson, who played the body of Wedge in Star Wars (except for at the briefing scene) and the voice and body of Wedge in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, did not appear in The Force Awakens and expressed no interest in doing so. He is indeed Ewan McGregor's uncle.
  • More ghost talk.
  • Asterios is referencing the fact that, like many shows of its era, M*A*S*H had a laugh track, but that they did not employ it during surgery scenes even when the surgeons were cracking wise.
  • According to Wookieepedia, Gundarks have two, large ears.
  • Asterios is having one of the best Friday nights of his life. *Cough* sorry, Tuesday morning.
  • It's possible that our hosts misspoke, as they could have been referring to "Thundarr the Barbarian", who they will later discuss in detail on SWM Weekend Revue #15


  • Alex: "Empire Strikes The Back"
  • Pete: You have to get the Wampa to Echo base, but you can't leave the Wampa and Luke alone. Asterios: But Han and the Wampa are bros, so you can leave them alone.
  • Alex: (as Luke) "Zev, get out; you're gettin' in the Tauntaun."
  • Asterios: Wedge Antilles: the character's so good it takes two actors to play him. Pete: Well, three if you include his voice. Asterios: And I will! Three actors!
  • Asterios: (referring to 2-1B) He's one restraining bolt away– Pete: <quietly> Aren't we all?
  • Asterios: God, I'm so glad I'm on this podcast. (Note: so are we!)
  • Asterios: (referring to Luke and Leia) They're not brother and sister yet!
  • Asterios: (as 2-1B) *puts one bandage on Luke* "You're done! Go lie down on that thing and wait for your sister to make out with you."
  • Asterios: (Again, as 2-1B) "FX-7, analyze this poop!"



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