Empire Minute 40: Look for the Potato

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Look for the potato


March 7th, 2014


The TIE fighters approach the Falcon, but a giant asteroid hurtles directly into their path. As the asteroid continues on its way, it leaves remains of the two exploded TIE fighters to tumble into deep space.


Tim Kreider



  • Starts with TIE fighters exploding as they hit the asteroids and ends with the Falcon going in close to one of the big asteroids.
  • A good, exciting minute.


  • Cool exploding TIE fighters.
  • Real asteroid fields are not like this - the asteroids are actually much further apart.
  • Maybe this asteroid field is the remnants of Alderaan.
  • An asteroid field also appears in Episode II ("Sorry Pete"). There are almost too many asteroids and they're too close together in that movie. This is a better effect.
  • Asteroid fields throughout Star Wars.
  • This is a graceful chase scene.
  • Chewbacca leans back in horror; great acting by Peter Mayhew.
  • Also a great shot of an asteroid exploding and showering the Falcon with debris.
  • When they are near a large asteroid they appear to be in its "gravitational field" and are able to fly along with it.
  • Ground effect capability built in to the Falcon.
  • Gravity on real asteroids.
  • The asteroid scene is more exciting than the AT-AT sequence.
  • The last five minutes has covered a lot of story / action - from Hoth to the asteroid field.
  • This is Han's finest moment.
  • The hosts wouldn't want to drive anywhere with C-3PO.
  • C-3PO would be useful in tricky social situations (being a protocol droid and all).

Meta Minute

  • 18:36 podcast episode length.
  • Special effect artists.
  • Legend has it that there is a sneaker and a potato in the asteroid field (the hosts have never seen these). Look for the potato.


  • Alex: I have a space question. Pete: <In an echoey voice> "SPACE QUESTION".
  • Tim: Bigger space nerds than I...



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