Empire Minute 56: Rumspringa

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March 31st, 2014


The boy is bewildered, but it gradually dawns on him that the little creature is Yoda, the Jedi Master, and that he is speaking with Ben.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Luke complaining that Yoda is wasting his time; ends with Yoda complaining that Luke is wasting his time.


  • Whiny Luke and Yoda. Luke throws a tantrum - he may be angry because he hasn't eaten all day.
  • Luke doesn't have the remotest idea of what Yoda looks like. Why didn't Obi-Wan tell him?
  • Yoda is reluctant to take on Luke as a student. Obi-Wan may have told Luke about Dagobah against Yoda's wishes.
  • Did Obi-Wan even tell Yoda about Luke? Perhaps Luke just showed up unexpectedly for Yoda.
  • This is all part of the Jedi test for Luke.
  • Yoda should have known about Luke (and Leia) when they were born.
  • Yoda was watching Luke so he did know something about them. Why didn't Yoda just raise Luke and Leia?
  • Luke speaking like Yoda all the way through Star Wars.
  • Yoda doesn't want to open up the whole Jedi can of worms again.
  • Why are they only training Luke and not Leia? 70's sexism perhaps.
  • Luke didn't actually display any Force power back on Tatooine.
  • How was Yoda going to get rid of Luke if he didn't agree to train him? Yoda is just testing Luke but Luke is very angry the whole time.
  • Perhaps Yoda's soup had a laxative in it. This was Yoda's Plan b to get rid of Luke.
  • Does Yoda's hut have a bathroom? Maybe the swamps are just made up of Yoda's waste after years of exile.
  • Would Luke even fit in Yoda's bathroom?
  • Luke doesn't react when Obi-Wan speaks to Yoda for the first time. This is learned behavior by Luke after years of hearing Obi-Wan in his head.
  • Obi-Wan and Yoda drop hints to Luke about Yoda's identity the whole time - rather than just telling him.
  • The relationship between Luke and Yoda shifts immediately after Yoda's identity is revealed.
  • Ben says "Was I any different?". This is a glimpse into the back story of Obi-Wan.
  • The training method used by Yoda with Obi-Wan and other Jedi.
  • Are Jedi allowed to have some time off to party during their training.
  • The lighting in this scene really adds to the overall effect of Yoda's 'regalness'.
  • Referenced: Ricochet Rabbit.
  • Yoda and Obi-Wan have been talking to each other since they were both exiled.
  • Obi-Wan must have been watching Luke and Yoda the whole time and just shaking his head at Luke's attitude.
  • This sequence is very different in the Leigh Brackett draft script:
    • Yoda is going through Luke's stuff, pulls out Luke's lightsaber and demonstrates his prowess with the weapon.
    • Luke is mystified and perplexed by this.
    • Yoda then summons Obi-Wan by holding the lightsaber aloft and calling for him.
    • Obi-Wan appears and he and Yoda conduct a demonstration lightsaber fight for Luke.
  • Is there call-blocking / voicemail on Force phone calls. Luke really needs this given the number of Force ghosts following him around (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda etc.).
  • Pete revealed that he is anti-Emperor in ESB 54. What does he think of the mysticism of Yoda and his friends? Pete says:
    • It's better than the Emperor as the teaching is more philosophical - not physical or spiritual.
    • Yoda is a more complete character than the Emperor.
    • Alex says that the Emperor's goals are never really clear in the movies.
  • The Director had Mark Hamill hit his head on the ceiling of the hut 16 times to get the final take. This scene could have included more physical comedy - e.g. Luke's head could have smashed through the hut's ceiling.
  • Tony is very busy at Fonzworth Plumbing but he should be able to make it back for tomorrow's podcast episode.

Meta Minute

  • 22:32 podcast episode length.
  • Tony is a returning champion. Tony was waiting by the phone with bated breath for the last two and a half years.


  • Tony: And I'm Tony Consiglio from Fonzworth Plumbing. If you need your pipes cleaned then call me.
  • Alex: <Excitedly to Tony> What's the future like? Tony: Meh!
  • Pete: <As Luke> Stop wasting my time Muppet!
  • Alex: <As Obi-Wan talking to Luke about Yoda> He's kind of short and all like "Oh, The Force you must learn". He talks kind of jibber-jabbery all the time.
  • Alex: <As Luke to Yoda> Oh, you're wrecking my camp, you're stealing my lamp; some other word that rhymes with amp. Pete: You ruined my guitar amp! Alex: Nice call back <to ESB 49>.
  • Tony: <Yoda impersonation.>
  • Alex: <As Obi-Wan> This is our new hope? I should have chosen Biggs.
  • Pete: I'd like to take this opportunity to promote my new book "How I made a Million Using The Force".
  • Alex: <To Pete> You're pro-Yoda Pete: Proda!



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