Empire Minute 68: M'Kae

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April 16th, 2014


The tiny Falcon heads directly for the Avenger's bridge. The Imperials stationed there are stunned to see the small spaceship racing low across the hull, headed directly at the huge windows of the bridge area. Alarms go off everywhere. The Destroyer's commander, Captain Needa, can scarcely believe his eyes.


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with the Falcon moving into attack position and ends with Luke balancing Yoda on one foot while balancing on one hand and lifting up a rock.


  • Luke and Yoda are playing Twister in this minute.
  • There is respect in Captain Needa's voice as he says that the Falcon is "moving to attack position".
  • Han gets a few shots off but knows that has no chance of destroying the Star Destroyer Avenger.
  • Captain Needa and his anonymous white-haired friend both duck as the Falcon flies by. This is a very human reaction but if the Falcon did hit them, then ducking probably wouldn't have helped.
  • The Falcon disappears and the Imperials wonder how this is possible. They could have looked around, used different windows or just looked out the back.
  • How does Han pull this maneuver off?
    • Hand brake turn.
    • Definitely done this before.
    • Uses his space brakes - in space you can immediately stop short.
    • Chris explains the maneuver as follows:
      • He flys over the Avenger's "cockpit".
      • He hits the brakes - BAM!
      • He slowly maneuvers into place.
      • No one hears the magnets attaching to the Avenger - because it's in space (see SWM-Canon#Noise in space).
      • This is an old space pirate trick - like punching a shark in the nose when it attacks.
      • When a shark is coming at you, put on your brakes, go around the shark, slide down onto its back, ride the shark home and then - when the shark poops - let go and float away.
      • Space sharks are half man, half shark.
  • This minute reveals that there are cloaking devices in the Star Wars universe.
    • We have never heard of or seen them before in Star Wars. They are more of a Star Trek thing.
    • These devices only seem to work on large spaceships.
    • The term cloak is a very old word for modern technology.
    • What is the difference between a cape and a cloak?
      • A cloak has a hood. Obi-Wan has a cloak; Vader has a cape.
    • In the future, things that make other things invisible will definitely be called cloaking devices.
    • Pete points out that most scientific developments are just people trying to develop things that they've seen in science-fiction.
  • There are two cool Imperial officers in the pit. They are too cool to be forgotten.
    • One of the officers is operating a green computer interface that shows a blurred 3-D image of some kind. What is he controlling?
      • It's actually just a screen saver.
      • He's turning dials and knobs.
      • His job is just to maintain the correct level of blur on the screen at all times.
    • Shouldn't the spaceship be mostly operated by droids? What are all these guys doing?
      • The Empire hates aliens and droids and doesn't want to give them any responsibility.
      • The Empire was badly burned by the poor performance of their droid army. They don't want to use any clones or droids.
      • The Empire held a "lessons learned" review of the Clone War and decided:
        • The droid army was terrible and the clones were not so hot.
        • They will only use humans from now on.
 Alex - Stormtroopers are still clones at this point in his opinion.
 Chris - No; Leia specifically made a comment that Luke was too short to be a Stormtrooper.
 Alex - This proves the point - Stormtroopers were all uniform at this point (although we've never seen one without his helmet).
 Chris - No response.
 Alex - Will this be solved for real in Episode VII (that is, not just in made-up EU stories)?
 <Note - It was resolved; Stormtroopers are not clones at this point.>
  • The first Imperial Officer looks like David Schwimmer and is Commander Nemet - a tracking officer.
    • Nemet is a bit too eager to report the issue and clearly hates his boss.
  • The second Imperial Officer speaks like an old newsreel speaker.
  • Does Vader have a direct line to this guy for regular updates?
    • His name is M'Kae - a communications officer.
    • He must work alongside Lieutenant Who and Officer What.
    • Referenced - Airplane! (movie).
  • Needa knows he's dead after losing the Falcon. There should have been a reaction shot of everyone sucking in a deep breathe as he walks off and the white-haired guy nodding and smiling because he doesn't like Needa.
    • Needa doesn't even look for the Falcon or really react to the report in any way. "Oh well - I'm off to see Vader then".
    • Although Vader is demanding an explanation so he can't really put him on hold.
    • Needa should have said something like "We're still following them; we're very busy (making laser noises): I will let you know".
  • Another old term is used by Nemet - "scopes".
  • Meanwhile, on Dagobah:
  • When will balancing rocks come in handy for Luke? Actually, this whole test is to:
    • Prepare Luke for hanging from weather vanes with one hand.
    • Doing other things with one hand.
    • It is Star Wars foreshadowing.
    • It is to teach Luke to do multiple things at once - it's like a speed test.
    • Yoda tells Luke to lift up his hand as well, at which point Luke falls down and Yoda laughs at him for being punk'd.
  • What does Yoda smell like?
    • On Dagobah or in the Prequels? In the Prequels he's very clean, so here in the swamp.
    • Rotting seaweed - like a seaweed smoothie; totally nauseating.
    • He is 900 years old so has limited control over his bodily functions.
    • Does Yoda die of a disease from the swamp or just old age?
    • Tragically, he was struck down in the prime of his youth at only 900 years old.
  • How did Yoda get on to Luke's foot?
    • Luke did a handstand and then Yoda climbed up him.
    • Yoda did a flip and landed and balanced on his foot.
    • He actually bounced off R2-D2, over to a rock and then flipped onto Luke - like in the battle with Count Dooku.
    • The move was like something Mario (from Nintendo) would do. R2 spat out a coin.
  • Where is Luke's foot on Yoda's body in this scene?
    • Yoda is sitting on Luke's foot, Indian-style, saddling his foot or squatting down.
    • Or he's crouching like a skateboard rider or baseball catcher.
    • His butt is probably not touching Luke's foot as that would be too suggestive.
    • Yoda may be doing inappropriate things to Luke's foot.
  • More Yoda minutes coming up in the movie.
  • Chris asks if he should he come back tomorrow. The hosts say maybe - he should balance on Pete's foot as the first step.
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Meta Minute


  • Chris: <multiple intros> And I'm Chris Radtke:
    • from smallarms.com. Pete: Is that a site for T. rexes? Chris: Can we start that over?
    • from small arms the podcast for dinosaur enthusiasts.
    • from Planet Radtke.
    • a Star Wars enthusiast.
    • from Star Wars Enthusiast magazine.
  • Alex: <As an Imperial recruiting officer talking to M'Kae> Do you want to be communications officer? <As M'Kae> M, 'k.
  • Pete: Corin Nemet (Nemec) Lewis Can't Lose the Millennium Falcon.
  • Chris: <As Yoda with a funny voice / accent> Someday you may need to balance on one hand while everything going around you.



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