Empire Minute 72: Magic Tinkle

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April 22nd, 2014


Luke shakes his head (still!).


Stuart Wellington



  • Starts with Luke tromping off to sulk in the corner of the swamp and ends with Yoda lifting the X-wing to the shore - we're mid-lift. It's floating towards the bank of the shore.


  • It's 72 degrees somewhere. Check your local listings and call 8-DAY-GREEDO if it's 72 degrees where you are.
  • Luke is really sulking although he only goes 20 feet away. He clearly wants attention from Yoda.
  • What's the temperature on Dagobah? It seems to go from very hot to very cold.
  • Luke puts his jacket on as he feels exposed after Yoda's pinch.
  • Actually, the sulking is all part of Luke's plan. Luke is the real teacher and gets what he wants - it's like the parent (Yoda) giving in to the child (Luke) following a tantrum. Yoda is only encouraging Luke by giving him exactly what he wants.
  • On the other hand, Yoda is probably thinking that he'll give Luke the X-wing and get him out of here so that he can get back to having early dinners and watching "Perry Mason" and Space "Matlock".
  • It's been a long time since Yoda lifted something this big.
    • How much can you lift bro?
    • He's been lifting little objects - like the salt shaker.
    • It's been a long time since Force power has been seriously used in the movie as well.
    • This would be level 5 Force power in a video game (out of 5 or 6).
    • Ben Kenobi doesn't levitate anything as levitation is not his thing.
    • What are other Jedi powers?
      • Invisibility.
      • Flying.
      • Not flying; Jedi can only levitate other things - not themselves.
      • But they can fly in pairs by levitating each other.
      • And they can fly by being carried (e.g. in a back pack) and levitating the person that is carrying them. Like Master Blaster in Mad Max.
  • Every Jedi seems to be good at everything except for Luke.
    • This is part of keeping The Force mystical and vague. The more it is explained it the less exciting it becomes. The Force shouldn't be science or maths (but see TPM 96).
    • Also, the hosts don't want 3,000 Jedi each with their own unique "super-power".
    • If this was the case then they would start comparing themselves to each other.
  • A magic tinkle noise is heard as Yoda starts to lift the X-wing.
  • R2 freaks out when Yoda lifts the X-wing. He is obviously saying something to Luke:
    • "Hey remember what he did to me with an object when we first met".
    • "He's doing something with your X-wing!"
      • "Don't let him hit you with that spaceship!"
      • "He might want to keep it."
    • R2 also freaked out when Luke was trying to lift the X-wing and levitating other stuff.
    • Maybe R2 has a weird force sensitivity - like a dog before an earthquake.
    • Or The Force emits radio waves which make R2 him feel tingly.
    • Or R2 has a Force detector.
  • How big an object can a Jedi move / lift?
    • A Star Destroyer?
    • Also, can a Jedi tie a shoe-lace with The Force?
    • The size of the object shouldn't matter and we never see anyone fail at a lift.
    • Also, things shouldn't be judged by their size.
    • Jedi have definitely lifted things much bigger thans the X-wing.
    • Some of the towers on Coruscant were probably built by Jedi lifting things.
    • Jedi can also use The Force to thread a needle, type on a typewriter or change the TV channel. This is all for knowledge and defense although it sounds more like what a lazy Sith lord would do.
  • Luke has a weird smirk on his face - because he tricked Yoda into giving him what he wanted. Luke is thinking "sucker!".
    • The hosts think that Luke has the same look when he sees Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen after the attack in Star Wars.
    • There is then a montage of Luke heading off to Tosche Station and the Academy.
    • Clearly Luke killed Beru and Owen. He started a fire in his room before he left to find R2 (but see Kenobiist theory).
  • Yoda's lift is the most impressive force action up to this point in Star Wars and ESB.
    • It leaves you with the question "what is going to happen next?"
    • It's like a Kung Fu master showing off his power.
    • It's an important moment in the movie as it shows the power that Luke can use as a Jedi.
    • Luke hasn't done anything that is really special yet - he's basically done the same things as Ben.
  • Pete has an observation:
    • Yoda is clearly concentrating to move the X-wing.
    • Pete likes this better than the Prequels where Jedi are just walking around and using The Force without thinking about it.
    • Stuart says that Yoda is not concentrating - he's just being all angry about Luke in his head.
    • Yoda should have lifted the X-wing and then dropped it back into the swamp to show Luke that it's not impossible.
Stuart remembers seeing the movie for the first time.
He saw it on video.
It was his least favorite movie as a kid.
Too talky; includes romance (a gross kiss); on Dagobah nothing really happens.
The heroes fail at a lot of things - kids don't want to see that.
ROTJ was the first Star Wars movie that he saw in the theater.
It frames his point of reference for the movies.
For Stuart as a kid, ESB needed more teddy bears.
He is older and wiser in the ways of The Force now.
 He understands what does and doesn't make a good Star Wars movie.
Watching Luke fail is not what Stuart wanted to see.
 He wanted to see a Jedi blasting stuff.
  • ESB is about Luke failing and then everybody failing.
    • They barely escape Hoth.
    • Luke fails his training.
    • They play defense for the whole movie.
    • Then (spoilers) more bad stuff happens and they barely escape at the end.
    • Although this all raises the stakes for ROTJ.
    • ESB is a harsh reality check and is a 2-hour-long "but wait!".
  • The landing gear is still down on the X-wing when it comes out of the swamp.
    • Luke and R2 did start the landing cycle in an earlier minute, just prior to the crash landing.
    • Or, maybe Luke tried to rock the X-wing out of the swamp - like one does with a car in a snow drift.

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