Empire Minute 87: Lando Alarm

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May 13th, 2014


There is a buzz and the door slides open, revealing Lando.


Jeff Ayers



  • Starts with Chewbacca bringing a box of broken C-3PO parts back to the suite; ends with the Falcon gang on their way to dinner while Lando discusses the political situation on Cloud City.
  • Lando's great line "You truly belong here with us among the clouds".


  • Chewbacca conveys a lot of information in single grunts. He also understands Basic - he is bilingual.
    • Han should have spoken Wookiee; at least in the Holiday Special.
    • Almost everyone understands Basic in the Star Wars universe except for Jabba Palace door guard droid and Ewoks.
  • Chewie says "maybe" to Han's question about whether he can fix C-3PO.
    • The crew are generally ambivalent about the damage to C-3PO and fixing him.
    • Who owns C-3PO at this point?
    • C-3PO should come in snap together pieces with an Allen wrench.
  • In Attack of the Clones C-3PO's head still works when it is detached from his body.
    • It must have a battery pack so why isn't it working here?
    • Something to do with the way his head was detached.
    • Or they changed the design in the intervening years to stop C-3PO from talking when his head is detached.
  • The doorbell is not subtle and then Lando enters.
    • He remarks on Leia's Bespin look and flashes one of the most winning smiles in cinema history.
    • Lando has definitely made a move on Han's lady before.
    • Lando and Han are in an arms race to be the most cool.
  • Referenced: Lt. Saavik (Vulcan Starfleet officer) and Pon farr from Star Trek.
  • In regards to Lando's iconic "among the clouds" line is, he sincere or is he just making a move on Leia?
    • Do Lando and Leia ever hook up? The hosts say no - although Lando definitely tried even after he tricked them. Lando is a scoundrel and gambler after all.
  • Lando should have hinted somehow about his Imperial visitors.
  • Did Lando invite Chewbacca to the refreshments or did Chewie invite himself?
  • Lando understands Wookiee and 30,000 other languages.
    • When Lando speaks in Wookiee he is still very smooth.
    • If Leia had of gone with Lando by herself perhaps he would have hidden her from the Empire. Maybe he was asking her out to save her.
    • Or Lando didn't invite Chewbacca so that he would have an ally on Cloud City that wasn't captured.
  • There is an EU story in which Vader gets emotional over seeing C-3PO (i.e. the droid he built) in pieces on Cloud City. He quickly gets over it but does give C-3PO back to Chewbacca to fix.
  • Han's response to Lando's question about needing assistance with C-3PO is more cool / ad-libbing Han.
    • Lando's question about "having some trouble with your droid?" seems a bit of an understatement given that C-3PO has been exploded into pieces.
  • The political situation on Cloud City is that they're outside the Empire's jurisdiction.
    • Leia has just asked about the mining guild and we'll find out about that in the next minute.
  • The Empire is always talking about "the galaxy" - this seems like a lot to control.
    • Spoilers The Empire does take over Cloud City eventually.
    • The Empire's view is that they are "in control of the galaxy" in so much as they can capture any area that they want to at any time. However they still allow side operations as long as they don't get in the way.
  • The actor that plays Boba Fett - Jeremy Bulloch - also plays a Bespin Guard in this scene.
    • The Bespin Guard is not standing to attention. Lando or Lobot should say something to him about that.
    • Lobot is Dick Cheney to Lando's George Bush.
    • Or is the guard Boba Fett in disguise?
  • Pete mentions Alan Harris who:
    • Was used as the body model for Boba Fett's outfit and Han Solo in carbonite.
    • Was a stand-in for Anthony Daniels as C-3PO.
    • Played a Bespin Guard and many other roles.
  • Chewbacca and Leia are both suspicious about what's going on. Chewbacca can sense danger like a dog; perhaps he can smell Darth Vader or Boba Fett.
  • The return of the ugnaughts and a weird taller human guy walking with them.
    • One of them is carrying an ugnaught space lunchbox.
    • Han would want to know specifically who was working on the Falcon - he wouldn't just leave this up to Lando.
    • If it's ugnaughts then they are probably just trashing the Falcon.
  • Jeff will be back tomorrow.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: <Quietly> Sweet!
  • Alex: Is there a scene <in the Prequels> where C-3PO is literally just a talking head? Pete: Yes, he is David Byrne.
  • Jeff: <As C-3PO and his mother - same voice> Oh, Oh - this is terrible!
  • Pete: Ah, hello - Tech Support? I knocked his [C-3PO's] head off and he's still shouting at me. Is there anything I can do?
  • Jeff: And he has to remark of her Bespiny Ladiness. Alex: Did you say Bespiny Leianess? Jeff: Yes, her Bespiny Ladiness. Pete: That sounds like something that Han would have called here <As Han> "Yes, your Bespiny Leianess".
  • Jeff: (In a smooth Billy Dee voice) I showed this Vulcan some Pon farr moves.
  • Alex: The return of the ugnaughts. Pete: No, this is "Empire Strikes Back" not "Return of the Ugnaughts".
  • Alex: He's in that sweet spot - shorter than a stormtrooper, taller than an ugnaught.



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