Empire Minute 9: My Little Tauntaun

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Irvin Kershner as the original 'tauntaun brony'.


January 23rd, 2014


Han maneuvers his mount out of the cave and races into the dark bitter night.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Han Solo deciding to go out on his tauntaun to look for Luke Skywalker and ends with Luke hanging upside down in the cave of a fearsome snow creature.
  • Second mention of hell in the trilogy (Uncle Owen said it in Star Wars).


  • How and why did the Wampa a) hang Luke upside down and b) freeze his feet? Perhaps he's 'preparing' Luke before he eats him.
  • Another shot of Dr. Droid M.D..
  • Han's "[S]ee you in hell!" line seems to be a bit of a grouchy over-reaction. He really wants to get off Hoth.
  • Holographic chess characters doing inappropriate things.
  • Pete always thought that Han said that "...then HE'LL (i.e. the tauntaun) see you in hell!".
  • Han as a libertarian and not a religious man. Also, different religions / beliefs within families.
  • Tauntauns=ponies?
    • Little girls on Earth dream of having their own ponies. Do little girls in the Star Wars universe dream of having their own tauntauns?
    • Is there a "My Little Tauntaun"?
    • Are there any little girls on Hoth and where did tauntauns originate from?
    • Jedi Force-domestication of tauntauns by Luke.
    • Tauntauns smell bad.
  • Mentioned: Shelob the giant spider, Tauntaun Bronies.
  • Why are they having trouble adapting the speeders to the cold given that they are called SNOWspeeders?
  • Tauntauns mustn't be Hoth natives as they can't survive cold nights.

Meta Minute

  • 13:32 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad read for tshirts.com (starwarsminute.com/shirts).
  • The name of the episode is a clear references to My Little Pony.
  • The hosts discuss the number of quotable quotes from ESB - possibly more than from any other Star Wars movie.
  • Special Edition Wampa, eating tauntaun.
    • What Special Edition changes are acceptable / not objectionable?
      • Jackie says that she doesn't want to see any weird, random shots of Jabba superimposed into the movie.
      • Alex and Pete don't mind the whole changed Wampa scene. It adds to the story, is in line with Lucas's original vision, and incorporates a scene that they originally tried to shoot in 1979 but just couldn't get right.
      • The Wampa was played by Des Webb (a tall Scandinavian) in the original movie. He kept slipping on the snow and ice and the costume didn't work - so as a result they took the "Jaws" approach of not showing the complete monster at any stage.
      • Jackie and Alex like the addition of a shot of Cloud City later in the movie.
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  • Jackie: And I'm Jackie Kashian from familypetancestry.com.
  • Jackie: "Quit having fun, children." (Through gritted teeth) "We're busy watching Empire Strikes Back one minute at a time!"
  • Alex: In the words of Han Solo "Deck Officer, Deck Officer", alright.
  • Alex: To Pete "I'm shocked that you forgot the name of the guy that used to play the Wampa. I'm a little disappointed. Do I need to find a new co-host for the show?"
  • Jackie: So why don't they domesticate an Oompa Loompa Wampa?



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