Empire Minute 93: Your Facility's Janky

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May 21st, 2014


Han hauls off and punches Lando.


Klee Wiggins



  • Starts with Lando explaining that Han and Leia are just the bait in a trap for Skywalker; ends with Darth Vader walking around and confirming that the carbon freezing chamber is adequate.


  • In regards to the trap, in the Leigh Brackett draft this information is conveyed to Han and Leia during the dinner with Vader.
    • Boba Fett isn't present in this draft.
    • It's an awkward dinner in which Han gets more and more drunk.
    • This is why he feels terrible later on - not because he was tortured; he was hungover.
    • Vader mentions that Leia has been his prisoner before and reveals that they are both bait for Luke.
    • They say that they don't even know if Luke is still alive. Vader responds <sic> "Luke is alive and will find you because he loves you".
  • There is a great music sting that stops when Lando says "stop!" at the end of the fight - well done John Williams.
  • Is Han being sarcastic when he calls Lando a hero or is this a real insult for Lando given that he's a scoundrel and not a hero?
    • However Lando does become a hero in Return of the Jedi and in other EU stories.
  • What are Lando's "problems of his own"?
    • Keeping Cloud City running.
    • Supply problems of every kind.
    • Various administrative problems.
    • Definitely not relationship / girl problems.
  • How do they know that Luke is on his way?
    • Maybe Vader sensed this or Luke sent him a message via The Force.
    • If this is the case then how come he doesn't sense Leia right under his nose?
    • Probably because Vader is obsessed with finding Luke and Luke is stronger with The Force.
    • Although Leia may be using The Force to influence people in her diplomatic work.
  • There is another C-3PO torso wipe upwards as Chewbacca picks him up.
 Klee reveals that she knows George Lucas's daughter.
 At this point she is officially the closest that the podcast has got to have someone from the movie on the show.
  • Vader needles Lando by calling the carbon chamber facility crude.
    • He basically says "your facility's janky".
    • Cloud City is 400 years old; has it ever been upgraded in this time?
    • Technology moves slowly in the Star Wars universe - they are still faxing each other.
    • Lando should do a reality TV show called "Pimp my carbon freezing facility:.
 Star Wars memories from Klee:
 From ages 4 through 10 she was Darth Vader every year for Halloween.
 From 10 through 13 she was Boba Fett.
 Her younger brother was Han Solo for a few years and then switched to Indiana Jones from 6 years old to 14 years old.
 He preferred Indiana Jones as a character.
 Klee's Darth Vader costume was just the Toys "R" Us mask, helmet, cape and chest plate. It was a very hot and sweaty costume.
 Klee did sleep in the mask from time-to-time.
 They still make these masks although the original costumes were found to be highly flammable.
 Pete recalls that when he was working in the comic book store he would
 look through the Ben Cooper costume catalog.
 There were many iterations of each Star Wars costume - with each step up being more expensive.
 Underoos should make adult costumes; they do make Star Wars themed costumes already.
 Adidas makes Star Wars-themed sneakers and the Boba Fett and Rebel Pilot versions are cool but expensive.
  • Plug for live show starwarsminute.com/live.

Meta Minute

  • 15:20 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open - Listeners have the chance to join the podcast episodes for the credit minutes of The Empire Strikes Back ringing 8-DAY-GREEDO and leaving an observation about something funny in the movie.
  • The guys will eventually have someone who was in the movies on the show.


  • Alex: It's a trap!
  • Klee: She<Leia>'s poop-butt when it comes to The Force.
  • Klee: <As Irvin Kershner to George Lucas> Hey, remember the last good thing you ever directed? Alex: Oh, snap! Klee: Burn!
  • Pete: Speaking of burns and digs. Alex: No, no, no - it's Biggs.
  • Pete: I remember years ago when I worked at the comic book store... Alex: Oh yeah, you're a retailer. Pete: Yeah.
  • Pete: <In regards to the upcoming live show> ...and everybody should come down; and I mean EVERYBODY.



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