The Force Awakens Minute 2: Peace and Justice

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November 13th, 2018


Pan across the star field to a bright moon.





  • Starts with a continuation of the opening crawl, and ends with a familiar-seeming shot of a ship in space and a planet.
  • Jakku - first location name in the film.
  • The Star Destroyer is the Finalizer.


  • Referenced: "Help!" (Beatles song).
  • Why does Leia need Luke's help in restoring peace and justice?
  • Why isn't Leia running the Republic? She's more of a commander.
  • The "old ally" on Jakku.
  • "Going backwards to go forwards".
  • Is this a planet or a moon?
  • Thoughts about J.J. Abrams and his work, pre-Star Wars.
  • This film borrows a lot from Star Wars but with clever twists on things.
  • Putting the film in context.
    • Only 3 other movies opened the same weekend as TFA.
    • This was the first Star Wars movie not to open in May.
    • Other film franchises that had movies that year. Overall it was an off-year.
  • Star Wars crossovers with other properties. Mentioned: Alien.
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Meta Minute

  • 27:38 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: I love alternate versions of things.
  • Pete: The more we talk about popular movies the older I sound.


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