Last Jedi Minute 3: Peavey

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Anakin killing the Young Ones


February 3rd, 2021


We zoom into the action on D’Qar.





  • Starts with a zoom in on the ships fleeing D'Qar and ends with the dreadnought arriving and training its guns on the Rebel ships.
  • The first person with a line of dialog: Huetrin Jones.


Lt. Kaydel Ko Connix.

Carrie and Billie Vanity Fair.jpg
  • Billie Lourd (daughter of Carrie Fisher).
    • Originally auditioned for the part of Rey, but J. J. liked her enough to create the character for her.
  • Connix has been promoted since last movie. Her name is the result of a discrepancy between the Force Awakens visual dictionary and the credits of the movie.
  • Where Carrie fisher's death fell in the timeline of the production.
  • The Sequel movies make an effort to re-use minor background characters (unlike in the Original Trilogy) so there is continuity.
  • Much like her mother before her, Lourd has had a hard time getting out of the shadow of her mother.
  • Mentioned: the Tyerell family deleted scenes. Pete's theory that Galen Erso had a second Imperial family; maybe Connix is Leia's daughter from a later relationship.

Other notes

  • They hear the star destroyers come out of hyperspace. We're past the whole "sound in space" thing, but still.
  • "Hyperspace creep": going to hyperspace used to be a big deal, but now they can do it on a dime.
  • Cpt. Edrison Peavey ("Edrison" is the tuckerization; Rian Johnson is a fan of "The Young Ones"). Call out to Songe Riddle. Where does the "Peavey" part come from?
  • Admiral Hux. At first we didn't like him in TFA because he was over the top in what we thought was a bad way, but now we know that he's over the top in an awesome way and now we like him throughout the trilogy.
  • The Resistance are caught with their trousers down. Referenced: Willrow Hood.
  • The white droid behind him? First order sentry droid.
  • The dreadnought Fulminatrix.
  • Plug for the side projects: Alphabeatical, Godfather Minute, and ABCD:TOS (sequel podcast to ABCDevo).

Meta Minute

  • 24:39 podcast episode length.
  • This episode is the basis of the guys' first ever post on Tiktok.

OK, we did the math

 Using Lt. Connix for scale, we can calculate that the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer appears about 2 inches long to the naked eye. If we assume that the horizon (the farthest linear distance you can see) is about 3 miles away, we can use the small-angle formula to figure out the star destroyer's angular (apparent) size in arcseconds and we get 2.1703". Using that, the actual size of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer (which according to Wookieepedia is 2,915.81 meters), and another derivation of the small angle formula, we can calculate that that the ship was ~300,000,000 meters away when it exited hyperspace. To put that in perspective, that's about 3/4ths the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
 If we assume that sound travels through space in Star Wars the way it does through air at sea level on Earth, then we can calculate the dB SPL ("loudness") of the noise that is made by a ship of that size exiting hyperspace. Using the inverse-square law, we calculate that to be at the limits of human hearing (0 dB) by the time it reached the surface of the planet, the sound would have to be 165 dB, as loud as a shotgun blast from a distance of less than a meter away, and enough to instantly burst unprotected eardrums. HOWEVER, if the noise on the ground was as loud as a thunder clap (130 dB), as it seems to be, then the source of the sound would have to be 300 dB, or roughly the loudness of the Krakatoa eruption, more than 5000 times as loud as the largest ever thermonuclear explosion (the 50 Mt Tsar Bomba).
From the deleted scene of Luke on Tatooine (in Gilligan hat), the Imperial star destroyer Devastator appears to be roughly the size of a bright star or planet. If we use the angular size of Venus (about 1 arcminute) and the actual size of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (1600 meters), we can calculate that it was 5.5 million meters away when Luke spotted it with his macrobinoculars.


  • Pete: (paraphrasing Billy Ocean) ...we get out of his dreams and into D'Qar.
  • Pete: She [Connix] had the little "tribute buns". Alex: now I'm hungry. Pete: Can I interest you in 30 pallets of stuffed shells?
  • Pete: It looks like a combination of like a Roomba and like a takeout container of some sort.


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