Last Jedi Minute 41: Underwear

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March 29th, 2021


Guest commentator Tim Barnes arrives as Finn prepares to depart, only to be stopped by Tase Crazy Rose Tico!


Tim Barnes



  • Starts with Rose Tico noticing that Finn has a packed bag in the escape pod and ends with Finn showing Rose his flashing beacon.
  • This is a turning point in the movie, an act break.
  • Another shot of the cloaked binary beacon as someone is being taken through the hallway. Last time it was Leia and now it's Finn. Interesting parallel.
  • The shot of Finn getting slammed up against the window. That window is the same window that C-3PO is looking out of when he says the damage doesn't look as bad from out there (Star Wars Minute 8).
  • First time we hear the Rose's theme.


  • Rose is 0 to 60, she was a Finn fangirl, but when she sees what's up she turns on him with more venom than she probably would if it was somebody else.
  • Good acting choices by John Boyega raising his arm and covering his bag so Rose can't see it. Reminiscent of Han Solo.
    • Finn is definitely a Luke who thinks he's a Han.
      • We never get to see Luke in this awkward in-between stage when he was trying to be cool.
  • Kelly Marie Tran improvised all the Canto Bight scenes and they had to go along with it and come up with all these new sets and costumes and CGI models just to "yes and" her (editor's note: obviously this is untrue).
  • Finn and Rose are taking up the 'B' plot that would normally be taken by Threepio and Artoo.
  • Do they make a working cloaked binary beacon that you can wear? Or maybe a smartphone app.
  • What stuff is Finn taking with him? What stuff does he have to his name? We know he left the First Order with nothing but literally the clothes on his back.
    • Food, astronaut ice cream? Mentioned: Lembas bread from The Lord of the Rings.
    • Underwear? The kind of adventure he's taking off on, you're going to want a few extra pairs.
    • It would be funny if his bag was full of iconic items from the Star Wars universe (e.g. the Seeker ball, a rathtar tentacle, Obi-Wan's cape).
  • Whatever happened to Obi-Wan's cape/cloak that was left on the Death Star? The theological discussion of what parts go with you when you become a Force ghost and which part stay and whether it has an impact on how you appear as a Force ghost later on.
    • You can't meet back up with your possessions in Force ghost heaven until they are also been destroyed.
    • Story idea: Luke's soul is trapped in the physical world because it's tied to his robot hand. Referenced Thing from "The Addams Family".
  • Alex mentions (editor's note: note for the first time and not for the last) that the Disney era of films is very low on dismemberment.
  • Referenced: the Sonic Screwdriver from "Doctor Who". Rose Tico is a flight technician, is it part of her job to carry this electroshock prod? Is there no one on board whose job it is to perform security?
    • They have a brig, is it just a makeshift prison? What if it was just another modified escape pod or even an unmodified one and they had to tell prisoners not to use it to escape.
  • What if Rose stunning Finn every time he stepped out of line was running gag? It would lean into the movie treating him as if he is C-3PO.
    • We never see her taser again in the movie, which is too bad as there are times it would probably come in handy.
  • The reason that Finn gives for needing to get off the ship is so that Rey won't walk into a trap but if that was really true then he could just throw the beacon itself off the ship. Clearly he wants to leave as well.
  • This side plot here where they're able to kind of come and go as they wish does undermine the tension of the slow car chase in space.
    • People will forgive a lot more things that don't make sense in order to get the characters into trouble than they will to get them out.
  • Does Rose know what the cloaked binary Beacon is? She is kind of a nerd with this tech stuff.
  • If Rose has heard of "the" Finn, has she also heard of Rey?
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Meta Minute

 19. Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.


  • Pete: [the cloaked binary beacon] is no Japor snippet.
  • Alex: <indignantly> Those are regulation bacta medical shorts. They're not underwear.
  • Pete: Missing hands? That's a Lucas thing. Missing parents, that's us.
  • Pete: (paraphrasing Singin' in the Rain) <rolling his R's> Around the Rebels, Rey ran.


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