Last Jedi Minute 47: The Lanai

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The Luke Abides


April 6th, 2021


Rey and Kylo's Forced conversation is interrupted by Luke and guest commentator Ken Plume!


Ken Plume



  • Starts off with Kylo Ren asking Rey if she can see [his] surroundings, and ends with Luke telling Rey about the island inhabitants who take care of her surroundings.


  • Mentioned: "The Golden Girls".
  • Pete loves the Caretakers and thinks they're great.
  • Watching these movies a minute at a time has totally messed with Pete's perception of the order of events and what happens in which movie.
    • Behind the curtain: between last week's episodes and this week's, Pete watched the whole movie again with his kids, so that has contributed to his time confusion. Referenced: Doctor Manhattan ("Watchmen").
  • After failing to do the Mind Trick, Kylo Ren is completely off-kilter.
    • He should be hastily tidying his room so Rey doesn't see anything embarrassing.
  • Rey is still all emotion: she wants revenge against the guy who killed her new father figure, where is Kylo is a big nerd about the specifics of the call and trying to figure out how it works.
    • You might think it'd be the opposite where the evil guy would be all passion and emotion and the good guy would be dispassionate and analytical.
    • Rey is in the moment so she's quicker on the draw.
  • Referenced: Guys named "Joe E.-" or "Joey-"something.
    • Pete thinks the anesthesia droid should sound like Ed Wynn (Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins).
    • Shout-out to Joe Dator and his Jack Benny [impression].
  • Luke on Ahch-to is what Mark Hamill's character in Corvette Summer would have eventually turned into.
    • The fake out where we're not sure what Luke is referring to when he enters. Does he see Kylo also? Another reference to Mannequin 2: On the Move.
    • Lucas basically in his bathrobe, he's essentially the Dude.
  • Kylo knows that Luke is there with her, can he see him or does he just sense that Rey can see him?
    • Does the audio splice imply that Kylo can hear Rey's surrounding but not see them?
    • Kylo Ren having cute pet names for his Uncle Luke.
  • The time and effort this movie spends on things that are barely in the movie.
  • Mentioned: The Godfather.
  • More facts about the Caretakers:
    • The men go to sea for months at a time fishing while the women stayed home.
    • They share a common ancestor with porgs.
    • All of their work implements double as musical instruments. They have a very musical culture. Mentioned: Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas.
  • Rey refers to the Caretakers as "those things" when they're clearly people (they're wearing hats!). Callback to the racist Imperial officer in the detention level (Shann Childsen). Unless "thing" is the proper nomenclature and he had gotten in trouble previously for using something even worse.
    • Rey does come from a Backwater planet. Maybe she's being "Rey-cist". Mentioned: Nowatta.
  • The first Star Wars had a budget of 11 million dollars which is the equivalent of 45 million dollars in today's money. Whereas The Last Jedi's budget was 317 million dollars.
    • What would George Lucas have done if he had three hundred million dollars to make the original Star Wars? Mentioned: the problem with getting Bruce, the shark from Jaws to work actually making it a better movie.
  • Did the Caretakers ever get a toy? Sort of (only released in Japan). Mentioned: Captain Auk-Waimanu.
  • Forcing the cast members/maintenance workers at Galaxy's Edge to wear costumes (Caretakers, droids, Ugnaughts, etc.) that are as uncomfortable as possible.
  • Mentioned: The Staples "Easy Button".
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 28:11 podcast episode length.
  • The English word "lanai" (plural: "lanais") meaning a Hawaiian-style covered patio or porch comes directly from the Hawaiian word 'lānai'. No word as to how the Lanais in Star Wars got their name or if they have any connection to the term as it is used on Earth.
  • Off-Kilter Compositions is a media company run by friend and former guest of the show John Ingle.
  • In response to a request for a Listener Project, User:Kabutton made a video of Artoo Deetoo as the Dude.
  • At the time of this recording there was no official Thala-Siren figure released, but other people have made their own custom figures.
  • Gentle Giant Ltd does make a Luke Skywalker bust from this movie, but it is the Force-projected younger Luke from the end of the film.


  • Pete, Alex and Ken: *dueling Ed Wynn as the anesthesia droid impressions*.
  • Alex: (paraphrasing Jeff Bridges) Whoa. That hut really brought the room together.
  • Ken: Well there's only one spot the milk comes out. Alex: Not if you want it bad enough!


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