Last Jedi Minute 58: Playing Wind

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April 21th, 2021


Perennial favorite Chrysanthe Tan makes her annual return to guest comment on Rose spotting the blooming master codebreaker!


Chrysanthe Tan



  • Starts with Rose saying "Red Plom bloom!" Red Plom bloom! Ends with Rey training with her staff.


  • Regardless how you feel about BB-8 being full of coins, at least they committed to it. You can hear the jangle of the coins as he rolls.
  • When they see the plom bloom, the music is really orchestral and over-scored.
    • The master codebreaker feels like he's from another universe, and so the music is fitting.
    • When they get apprehended and the music stops; it doesn't change to another part of the score, it just stops.
    • The two thuds of BB-8 being chucked down the stairs and the cut to Rey are in time with the music.
  • Why is the master codebreaker even allowed in to the casino? He would have an unfair advantage, like a card counter.
    • What about a Force user? According to the visual dictionary he's only allowed to play dice games (nothing electronic).
      • Maybe there's Force-blocking creatures.
  • Justin Theroux.
    • Literally cast the day before shooting started.
    • Neil Scanlan had a giant insect warlord (GIW) ready to go, but they scrapped it because they got Theroux.
      • What became of it, and was it reused elsewhere?
      • But having a super handsome guy playing the part helps with the sudden left turn into them getting captured.
    • Originally, they would have met him at a cabaret and gone on a side quest with him before getting arrested. Was that part getting cut related to Theroux's casting?
      • Jason Fry and Rian Johnson liked it and wanted to keep it in the novel.
      • Would it have mollified people's complaints about the Canto Bight storyline if that scene had stayed in?
  • "Lovey".
    • She refuses to give her real name. Referenced: Gilligan's Island.
    • Played by famous model entrepreneur Lily Cole.
    • What is the infrastructure supporting her hair (either in- or out-of-universe)?
  • Which of the main Star Wars watering holes would you work for if you had to pick one? Let's say you're in the service industry.
    • Maz's, because it's the middle ground between the scum and villainy of the cantina and the scum and villainy of Canto Bight.
      • Maz is also probably pretty cool to work for. Mentioned: the unspecified labor dispute.
      • The location is better than Mos Eisley.
    • As a teenager, Pete worked for some ostentatiously wealthy people and it was a struggle, but now as an adult he could suck it up, and would probably get way better tips at Canto Bight surrounded by drunk rich people.
    • Alex also says Canto Bight, but he would immediately plan some kind of heist.
  • Slowen Lo is back.
    • You can almost hear the record scratch.
    • They get tased! Slowen Lo beats Rose's high score at Tase Crazy.
      • She gets a taste of her own medicine.
      • All it takes is the word of Slowen Lo and they get tased. But Finn is armed, and they definitely look like they don't belong there.
  • Canto Bight is supposed to be Monaco, with the casino being Monte Carlo.
  • Alien with long white hair. Mentioned Riff Raff from Rocky Horror.
  • Highly respected sommelier Derla Pidys. Star Wars wine is very similar to earth wine.
  • The voices for Rhomby and Parallela in the audiobook.
  • The sheer quantity of aliens and creatures, and contrasting it with the original Cantina scene.
  • Getting the ambient wind noises is really difficult and rarely gets the attention it deserves.
    • They just covered this on Chrysanthe's show.
    • The definition of a synthesizer and how they work on a theoretical level.
    • "Playing the wind".
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Meta Minute

  • 34:15 podcast episode length.
  • does have a listing for "fathier", and it's not only different from how Alex pronounces it, but from how Pete and Chrysanthe pronounce it as well. Maybe we've all been saying it wrong this whole time.
  • The Ysalamiri (the Force-blocking lizards) are still canon, but their ability to block the Force only appears in Legends.
  • With a police force of approximately one officer for every 74 citizens, Monaco is among the most policed countries in the world. Officers are armed, and according to, the Monegasque police possess roughly two guns per officer.
  • The white-haired Riff Raff-lookin' alien doesn't actually have a name, and is known as TLJ species #30 on the blog Alien Anthology.


  • Pete: Maybe that's why I don't own a space casino. Alex: *chuckling* I think that's the only thing stopping you…


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