Last Jedi Minute 7: Poe Goes Rogue

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February 9th, 2021


General Leia's back but Poe is too headstrong to listen to her orders nor those of guest commentator Josh Flanagan from ifanboy! The base has been evacuated, but Poe decides he's not done yet.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with BB-8 down under repairing Poe's ship, and it ends with General Leia venting her anger out by humiliating C-3PO in front of everyone on the bridge.
  • BB-8 gives an "Uh oh".


  • What is Corinthian leather? We don't actually want to know.
  • The inside of the X-wing is very 70's analog, so it is both in-line with Star Wars and alien for us.
  • The Resistance is like when James Bond "quits" so he can go rogue.
  • Orbital load lifters. Are they related to binary load lifters (C-3PO programmed)?
  • Listener project (shout out to Kake Jelly): Techno remix of Canady's line "What are we waiting for? Fire on the base!"
    • Nobody does anything in the First Order until they're told to do so.
  • Why the TIE fighter blows up after going through the "bagel slicer". Shout-out to Star Wars Explained.
  • We can understand BB-8's dialog more than R2-D2 and so can the characters. What (emotional) ages are our main droids supposed to be?
    • It's like a child who is only understood by his/her parents.
  • Mentioned: Who's that droid with the red arm?
    • Golden Tony was opposed to Threepio having a red arm in TFA. Being protective of a character.
  • Did anybody get left behind?
  • Are there any consequences for Poe going rogue? Everybody just seems to go along with it.
  • Rebel Alliance symbols are really big in this movie.
  • Plug for the Wiki! and for

Meta Minute

  • 21:39 podcast episode length.
  • Pete was right: Corinthian Leather isn't really a real thing (more of a marketing gimmick). This ploy may be playing on the so-called Detroit rule, whereby any item (usually food, but the term can also be applied more generally) sounds better/more appealing if a place name is put in front of it (e.g. Philly cheesesteak, Chilean sea bass, etc.). The rule is named for its sole exception,.
    • Just kidding, this is not a real thing in marketing, but maybe it should be?
  • The tapestry behind Alex is unfortunately no longer available on the Teepublic store.


  • Josh: And I'm Josh Flanagan. He's an older guest, but he checks out.
  • Pete: Let's not re-litigate Star Wars.
  • Pete: Golden Tony: against the red arm.
  • Josh: Poe goes rogue. Dammit dammit.
  • Pete: Just like Neil Peart, they've got to invest in their symbols <cymbals>.
  • Josh: I feel like that loosely-organized nonprofit institution [Wikimedia Foundation] won't sue you.


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