Phantom Menace Minute 49: Braces

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January 28th, 2016


Seek, Wald, and Amee take off, laughing. Jar Jar is fiddling with one of the energy binder plates.


Tony Thaxton



  • Still on Tatooine. Starts with Kitster asking Ani how he got so lucky, and ends with C-3PO saying that he finds Jar Jar "an odd creature."
  • "Bug squash"
  • Amee played by Katie Lucas (credited as "Jenna Green").
  • Melee played by Megan Udall (TPM unit nurse's daughter).
  • This scene sextuples the number of children pictured in canon Star Wars.
  • Jar Jar's physical comedy bit.
    • Two different "pickup shots" (literally) of Jar Jar's real hand.


  • The dubbing on Seek saying "Let's go play ball" is odd, like it was edited for TV to remove a curse.
  • Changed line to "You're such a joker" from "You're such a joke."
  • Wald's backstory
  • Wald puns.
  • Referenced: Bill Cosby's dentist routine.
  • Tony doesn't like C-3PO in TPM.
  • Alex has come around on the Dickensian quality of a small universe with everything being connected.
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  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 19:01 podcast episode length.
  • They never did make a Wald action figure, but the did make one for another Rodian, Pax Bonkik, the podracer mechanic, for the 30th anniversary (2007) collection.'
  • The novel where Han and Leia visit Tatooine is Tatooine Ghost
  • Amazingly "Bug squash" does not have a Wookieepedia article.
  • Katie Lucas also played Chi Eekway Papanoida in Revenge of the Sith. This character is the daughter of Baron Notluwiski Papanoida (played by George Lucas), and sister of Che Amanwe Papanoida, who was based on Katie's real-life sister Amanda Lucas.
  • Not long before this episode was recorded, serious allegations against Bill Cosby surfaced and received wide media attention.


  • Alex: You guys are looking for the stuff? It's at
  • Alex: (in Irish brogue) "Always after me Lucky Charms™" I don't know why I said that.
  • Tony: But we're just okay with "bug squash"?
  • Pete: Search for Seek.
  • Pete: ...[Jar Jar's 'real' hand] is Jar-Jarring. Alex: You're pushing me to the Binks.


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