Phantom Menace Minute 84: Delete the Feed

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Oh my God, they do look alike!
Image credit: The Washington Times


March 17th, 2016


Queen Amidala is sitting listening to Palpatine. Eirtaé and Rabé stand behind the Queen; Padmé is nowhere to be seen


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Sheev explaining the situation, and ends with Amidala telling the senator that their people are dying.
  • An entire minute of people pacing and talking.
  • Cool cat-man statue.
  • Back to Natalie Portman playing the Queen.


  • Chris' other positive thing about the Prequels: Ian McDiarmid as Sheev Palpatine.
  • Referenced M'Ress from "Star Trek: The Animated Series"
  • Pete likes to quote "He was our strongest supporter."
  • Mentioned Staring at the French horn.
  • When Palpatine is talking about how Valorum is powerless, he is standing in front of a "neutered" statue. Coincidence??
Rick Wormtongue.png

  • Referenced: Crabbe and Goyle from Harry Potter.
  • Another call for the Ken Burns' documentary of the fall of the Republic. Other TV spin-offs.
 Chris' Phantom Menace experiences:
  Didn't see it at the Ziegfeld. He saw it with his friend Luke at a theater a block away.
  They each had $250 lightsabers from Park Sabers.
  Chris prided himself for being known as the "Star Wars Guy" during the the Dark Ages.
  He saw the original Star Wars 10 times in the theaters, so his personal goal 
  The 11th time he saw it was unplanned. He was on a business trip to London, and went and saw it by himself in an empty theater.
  It hit him then. He was ashamed for being the Star Wars guy when this is what Star Wars had become.
  The flag  that he carried proclaiming his Star Wars fandom had become an albatross around his neck.
 He bought two crates of action figures. He opened one crate and left the other mint in box.
 He had the figures set up on his fridge. He came home one day and had the "what have I done?" moment.
  From then on, he only rarely buys collectibles.
  • Chris has convinced our hosts to stop the podcast right here and to Delete the feed.
    • Listeners, you should go back and delete the previous episodes of the Phantom Menace Minute that you downloaded.

Meta Minute

  • 24:44 podcast episode length.
  • The fat Twi'lek that Chris is thinking of is Orn Free Taa.
  • Josh Flanagan saw it 10 times in theaters.
  • The Ziegfeld Theatre closed on January 28th, 2016.


  • Chris: And I'm Chris Radtke from Malastar [sic]. <smoothly> Very fast. Very dangerous.
  • Alex: To the Internet! Pete: <Batman '66 sound effects>.
  • Chris: Are we talking about our Phantom Menace experiences yet? Is this the episode where we talk about that? Alex: That's kind of what I was doing when I asked you how many times you've seen it.
  • Alex: So you hate the must've only seen it once... Chris: No, I saw The Phantom Menace 11 times in the theater in two hemispheres of the Earth...Have either of you two clowns seen it in two hemispheres of the Earth?
  • Chris: Much like my favorite movies, I am a living tone poem.


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