Phantom Menace Minute 91: Cold and Thirsty

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March 28th, 2016


Mace Windu turns the viewing screen off and nods toward Yoda.


Brian Klein



  • Anakin standing before the Jedi Council. The minute starts with him saying "a ship..." and ends with Yoda saying he senses much fear in him.
  • Fear=>Anger=>Hate=>Suffering (trailer line).


  • Brian is a college admission counselor in his day job, so this is a fortuitous minute.
    • He had a prospective student named "Luke Skywalker".
  • What hours does the Jedi Council keep?
    • Referenced: "9 to 5" (Dolly Parton song).
  • This Jedi test is similar to the ESP test using Zener cards.
  • Another line that Pete paraphrases all the time: "How feel you?"
  • Being from a desert planet, Anakin confuses the words for "cold" and "thirsty".
  • No one reacts in this scene. The draft of the script where the council only had three members.
  • Half the fun of Star Wars is picking an obscure character and making that one your favorite.
  • Breakdown of Yoda's big line.
    • Alex: circular gobbledygook
    • Brian: in Pulp Fiction, Hate=>Fear=>Anger=>Suffering.
  • Issues with the way this scene is shot.
  • The "much fear in you" motif is lost in the following movies and in the Clone Wars.
 Brian was 10 when this movie came out (right in the "sweet spot").
  Contra the hosts' supposition, Brian is not a Prequel lover (despite being a kid when he first saw them).
  He saw it opening week, and then two more times.
  He liked it at the time.
  He got Attack of the Clones on DVD, but wasn't eager to re-watch it.
  After watching an episode of the Simpsons that made fun of Episodes I and II, he realized the reason he didn't like these as much was because they weren't good movies.
  This is his favorite of the Prequels.
  • Shoutout to listener Mike C., who recommended the podcast to Brian.
  • Follow SWM on social media.

Meta Minute


  • Alex: It's like a board meeting. B-o-r-e-d, I mean.


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